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Produces Salt, Great Bonefishing

Ragged Islands

The Ragged Islands are a chain of islands, south of the Exumas. The largest of these island, Ragged Island is a small island (9 square miles) and district in the southern Bahamas.

Until 1960, it had an active salt industry, the salt ponds having been developed in the 19th Century by a Mr. Duncan Taylor, after whom Duncan Town, the only settlement, is named. Then ole Fidel came into power, and stopped the salt trade with Ragged Island, effectively ending the business.

The island was badly affected by Hurricane Donna and there has been a gradual emigration to more prosperous islands such as New Providence. The population of Ragged Island in the 2000 census was just 72.

Fishermen say that the best bone fishing can be found on the Ragged Island.

Perseus Bar Ragged Islands

The drug years took it?s toll, too. When a smuggler?s DC-3 crashed nose down on the airstrip, a local character named Perseus Wilson towed the airplane off the runway with his tractor and put it on the roof of his bar.

Ragged Island is part of the Jumentos cays and Ragged Island Chain. The croissant shaped chain measures over 110 miles in length and includes cays known as Racoon Cay, Hog Cay and Double-Breasted Cay.

Duncan town is the only settlement of the entire chain and is situated within a bay of shallow water. The island relies on the "mail boat" for transportation to and from the major islands and for freight and commerce. The island contains a small air strip and a harbor.

Ragged Islands

Most of the inhabitants are the direct descendants from the original settlers and they bear their original family names such as Curling, Lockhart, Maycock, Moxey, Munroe, Wallace, and Wilson. The familiar heritage and their remoteness have resulted in the islands being part of the ?family islands? or ?out island?.

Although the island is remote and sparsely populated, many of its descendants have taken important roles within politics, athletics, entertainment and business.

Ragged Islands
Deserted beach on Johnson Cay, one of the cays of the Ragged Island chain. Looks inviting, huh?

Ragged Islands
The Ragged Islands are a popular stop for boaters. Read a good story about boating through the Ragged Island chain HERE

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