From the website of Dr. Ko, "....my medium is Neurosurgery. Through my paintings I present a visual translation of the medical narrative. Each story starts in the clinic and concludes in the studio, resulting in a visceral collaboration between the brush and the scalpel. This is an additional bloodless opportunity to amend an outcome or facilitate an intervention on the canvas. The therapy continues outside the hospital through my art."


Dr. Ko, a self taught Ambidexter, completed Neurosurgery training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City and earned a MFA from the Academy of Art University. During residency she also launched her complementary career in art by using the pulsed ruby laser to create medical holograms of the human brain in collaboration with Holographics, Inc. Ko regards art as a necessary continuation of her surgical practice. The operating theater is her studio; the treatment of the subject begins with the scalpel and ends with the brush.