Herein follows some of the feedback from our satisfied customers.

“Great service. Used them before and will use them again. My family came from Atlanta, and a few of use got sunburn, and we were immediately treated in our hotel room by Miami Hotel Doctors. Thanks!”
Tom Chapman, Dunwoody, Georgia

“This is awesome! Got the medication I needed, without paying through the nose for a doctors visit!.”
Tom Holland, Richmond, Virginia

“The Miami Hotel Doctor team was great to me from the start. I came from England to enjoy my holiday with mates, but came down with something that made me sick. When I came to South Beach, I could not even go out. I did not want to go to a hospital, because I have made that a mistake before in the USA, and did not even want to leave my room to sit in a busy clinic, if I was lucky enough to find one in this area, which I don't really know. I called managment of my hotel, told him of my problem, and he suggested I give a ring to MiamiHotelDoctor.com. They sent a doctor straightaway, and I was seen in less than an hour, and given medicine. It worked, and I was up the next morning, ready to hit the clubs. Thanks Miami Hotel Doctors!”
Michael Goller, Birmingham, England

"I flew from New York to Miami but forgot my darn blood pressure pills. Without them, I get headaches, and am constantly dizzy. I inquired around, and happened upon "Miami Hotel Doctors", from looking on the internet on my trusty iPad. I could not get hold of my New York doctor, and when I did, he said he could not call in a prescription to Florida. So, Miami Hotel Doctors was able to call in a prescription, without me having to see a doctor in person, but simply by calling them. Saved me some dough, too."
John Bryan, Hempsted, New York

“I cannot overstate the value of being able to get treatment at such a late hour, without leaving my hotel room. And I got the medicine from the doctor, without having to find a 24 hour pharmacy at that ungodly hour”
Frank Eck, Slidell, Louisiana

“Had a good experience while sick on vacation in Miami. The doctor came to my room, treated me and finished my vacation without being sick. Thanks.”
Joyce Stoer Cordi, Charleston, South Carolina

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23-26 Feb-2012

SOUTH BEACH FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL: Join your favorite Food Network hosts for cooking demos and book signings....

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WINTER PARTY FESTIVAL: Features an extraordinary lineup of celebrity DJs in a week filled with parties and events culminating with a beach dance party.

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