Each week we survey the Miami Hotel Doctors callers from the previous week to determine their satisfaction levels with our service. The callers are asked 6 to 7 short questions. These are the results of the surveys through 5-16-06. This information is kept on file and can be reviewed during normal business hours. Out of 197 Patients for the week of February 10th to February 17th, 2012

Was your call answered quickly?

Yes 97.0%
No 3.0%

Did the doctor answer all your questions?

Yes 96.2%
No 3.8%

Have you used the service before?

Yes 31.1%
No 68.9%

Will you use the service again?

Yes 89.3%
No .8%
Undecided 9.9%

By making the call to our doctor, were you able to avoid either a doctor or ER visit?

Yes 64.4% 43.9% No 28.8%
Maybe / Donít know 6.8%

For your house hold, would you consider Miami Hotel Doctors to be:

Not Important 3.8%
Important 38.6%
Very Important 40.9%
Extremely important 16.7%

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23-26 Feb-2012

SOUTH BEACH FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL: Join your favorite Food Network hosts for cooking demos and book signings....

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WINTER PARTY FESTIVAL: Features an extraordinary lineup of celebrity DJs in a week filled with parties and events culminating with a beach dance party.

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