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Medicine is more exciting, dynamic than it has ever been; and Medical Robotics is one area that shows great promise in improving healthcare. We hope to harness the fantastic platform of Google Hangouts to bring to the fore these developments in the field of Medical Robotics!

Per Sjoborg, a long time lover of all things Robotics, from sweden, is interviewed by john bennett md
Oct 2, 2015: Sina Pourghodrat
Electro-Hydraulic Minimally Invasive Surgical Tools
Feb 3th, 2014:Brian Smith MD
"Robotic Surgery Training with the Da Vinci
Feb 3rd, 2014:Mert Sedef M.Sc, Software Engineer,MimicSimulation.comMore on Robotics
January 27th, 2014: Mert Sedef M.Sc, Software Engineer,
Tour of the Robotic Equipment, Overview
January 20th, 2014: Mert Sedef M.Sc., Software Engineer,
Intro to Robotic Simulation
January 16th, 2014: Brian Stork MD, Urologist, Muskegon, Michigan: Robotics in Urology