Today, Saturday, July 11th, at 2 p.m., EST, Richard Mendel MD, Spnal Neurosurgeon from Tampa, will give a presentation on "Updates on Treatments of Gliomas"

Google Hangouts are a great platform to communicate. There are so many changes in Healthcare Adminstration due to digitalization, and it is necessary to learn these changes. Hangout allows for communication within the silos, and between the silos; even outside the silos with other healthcare workers.

All are welcome to open channels, if you feel iHealth will benefit.

Andres Alvarez Pinzon MD, Neurosurgeon who works in the Neuroscience Center at Larkin Hospital did a presentation on "Trigeminal Neuralgia"

Jordan Grumet MD, discusses his book, "I am Your Doctor, in My Humble Opinion"

THIS WEEK IN HEALTH CARE: Niam Yaraghi, of the Brookings Institute, discusses his article, "Precision Medicine's First Patient: The National Health IT System"

THIS WEEK IN GLOBAL HEALTH CARE: Fred Lee MD, co-creator of, a texting Medical Advice platform, speaks about its use and its future

THIS WEEK IN GLOBAL HEALTH CARE: Damoun Nassehi M.D., PhD., CEO and co-founder of Digitech of Norway, will talk about the new medical Device, "The Asthma Whistle," for use in Asthmatics, on Friday, March 20, at 4 pm EST, and 9 pm in Oslo. See Damoun's video for "Pulse Oximeter App", an app made by his company,