Jones Munoz, a Nurse from Zambia, will be interviewed at 8 a.m. EST HERE, LIVE, today, Wednesday, July 24th, 2017

Google Hangouts are a great platform to communicate. There are so many changes in Healthcare Adminstration due to digitalization, and it is necessary to learn these changes. Hangout allows for communication within the silos, and between the silos; even outside the silos with other healthcare workers.

All are welcome to open channels, if you feel iHealth will benefit.

Joseph Krainin MD, A Board-certified Neurologist and Sleep Apnea specialist, talks about its relationship with Steve Ryan Phd, a Atrial Fibrillation expert

Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, Director, Grass Center for Bioengineering The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, speaks about his research in Liver Bioprinting, and Diabetic Socks to Prevent Ulcerations

President Obama and the White House talk about Precision Medicine, and the initiative from One year ago on Feb 25, 2015

Berci Mesko MD, leader in Digital Healthcare, discusses the company, Theranos, a blood test company that is disrupting the Lab Business, and recent questions about its validity.

John Minarcik MD, rebel Pathologist from Puerto Rico, discusses the state of MedED today, along with panelists John Bennett MD, and Simon Downes MS III

John Matheny discusses his Innovative Robotic Arm, developed at John Hopkins in Maryland

David Spiro MD, founder of, presented November 6th a case of Asthma in a 10 year old, and after led a discussion amongst three medical students, one from Japan, one from Belguim, and one from Arkansas

( Larry Creswell MD, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon wrote about his interest in Pulmonary Edema in his great blog, "Athlete's Heart". So got in touch with Richard Moon MD, Anesthesiologist from Duke, who has written about "Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema", .... and VOILA! Hangout city!

Donovan Christie MD, gave a presentation on Integrative Health, and Preventative Medicine. For info about Donald's work, go to his Practice website

Hongrui Jian, PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, gives a hangout to explain how his new device of a High Definition 3D Laparascope can improve visualization in intrabdominal surgery, but being less cumbersome, and, overall, more agile for better visulization of the surgical field

Jose Guerrero discuss his book,Introduction to the Applications of Mind Mapping...below is a short intro to the concept of "Mind Mapping"; see also website,

Jordan Grumet MD, discusses his book, "I am Your Doctor, in My Humble Opinion"

THIS WEEK IN HEALTH CARE: Niam Yaraghi, of the Brookings Institute, discusses his article, "Precision Medicine's First Patient: The National Health IT System"

THIS WEEK IN GLOBAL HEALTH CARE: Fred Lee MD, co-creator of, a texting Medical Advice platform, speaks about its use and its future

THIS WEEK IN GLOBAL HEALTH CARE: Damoun Nassehi M.D., PhD., CEO and co-founder of Digitech of Norway, will talk about the new medical Device, "The Asthma Whistle," for use in Asthmatics, on Friday, March 20, at 4 pm EST, and 9 pm in Oslo. See Damoun's video for "Pulse Oximeter App", an app made by his company,

The wonderful team of TWIGH talks Global Healthcare

Jonathan Miller and Anderson Ta talk 3d Printing in Medicine