"Hotel Doctor Doctor Lima" is an American medical service that attends to your medical needs in a hotel in Lima in the most efficient manner, either simply by just a video consultation (video-consult), or a personal visit to your room. We know you feel ill in your room, and don't want to move. We are sensitive to that, as well as your budget constraints.

So, we initiate your care with a "Video Consult", where you see and hear the doctor on video from your iPad, iPhone, or laptop, and, within minutes, we determine the best direction for your medical care. After the video consult, the doctor will suggest the best possible care for you: 1) Video Consult; it helps the doctor to see you, to establish a bond, to see if illness can, most likely be taken care of in a simple manner, by prescribing a medication after the videoconsult, with no need for a personal visit. 2) A personal visit to your hotel room by our physician, where he gets your story of the illness in person, and determines the best way to treat the illness.

We realize that, at times, there are financial constraints, and the doctor will do his best to taket his factor into consideration in the final decision on whether or not you need a personal visit. In any case, it is a joint decision, with the overriding factor the improvement of your health in as quick a time as possible, so you can enjoy your hard-earned vacation. We work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. See a SURVEY of patients done last week!

Smart Phone Used
We send photos, resume of doctor making call to your iPhone
Security For Patient
We provide link to Florida Board, to check licence of Doctor
24 Hour Follow-up
Phone consult, to check on status of patient within 24 hours
Medicines With Us!
We bring the most common meds for your illness
iPads iPhones Hasten Healthcare Changes!
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