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Le Sable Rose

February 2009

Hi John-

Just wanted to thank you so much!!! our vacation was amazing!! it was everything we could have asked for and more!! the house was perfect..falling asleep to the sound of the ocean every night was so soothing...now i have to go buy a machine...lol.... The location is perfect..close to town ..yet still secluded... we really didn't see to many people..never got to meet Herman or Natasha sadly...Clinton was great with the car rental......

We were wondering if the house is available to rent next year around the same time... We were very sad to leave Eleuthra..after being there for a week lying in the sun and just relaxing (something neither of us ever get to do) it was painful to come back to Boston... especially in a snowstorm!...we really can not wait to return! please let me know.

Thank you again!

Sheri from Boston

June 2008

Hi John,

We have just got back yesterday from Le Sable Rose and had such a wonderful time. I thank you very much for letting us have a piece of paradise for a week.

The week was made even more special when Ken proposed to me on the beach in front of the house. I thought you might enjoy that news.

We hope to return again some day and perhaps even get married on the Island.

Thank you again,

Katie and Ken

June 2008


Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for giving us the most incredible honeymoon we could have imagined! The house was great, the beach better than what we had imagined. It was a shame, though, that we took an all-day trip to Lighthouse Beach on Wed., and when we arrived back that evening, half of the sand in front of the house had washed away! Hopefully, it will return soon. Natasha was wonderful, she cooked us a great meal one day.

We have been telling all of our friends about the house, and since most of them share our love of secluded beaches, you may be getting some more customers from New Jersey! Also, Cindy& I are part-time writers for Naturally Magazine, and since this was our Honeymoon, we will probably be doing a story about the trip. The article should appear in the fall issue, and we'd like to give the house a free plug, if you don't mind! Once again, thanks for everything, we're pretty sure you'll be getting a deposit from us real soon for our first anniversary trip back to LeSable Rose, and as I'm sure many people have told you before.....if you decide to sell, call us first!!!


Rich&Cindy Thiboutot.

May 2008

Hi John,

We would like to thank you for letting us stay at your wonderful spot in Eleuthera. We thoroughly enjoyed this past week and the seclusion you referred to several times was exactly what we were looking for. Your “orientation pack” was quite helpful, especially when combined with the planning and research we did before the trip.

The beach was tremendous; we were in the water an average of three hours a day just to the left of the cottage and went snorkeling straight out. We had no idea of the totally different world that we encountered underwater. It was sensational.

We cooked in most of the time but ate out at Sunset Grill (excellent grouper), Mate and Jenny’s (disappointed with the cracked conch), and had Natasha make us dinner (phenomenal). We didn’t travel far from Governor’s Harbour but had a great lunch in James Cistern at a place named Lee’s and had a nice trip with a couple of beach stops on the way to Tarpon Bay.

Just a couple of notes:

Rodney Pinder delivered and picked up two kayaks and that worked out fine. We went sailing with Mark Adams for four hours ($50/hour) and that was also enjoyable – even saw some dolphins.

So again; thank you very much for the use of your home and property. We have many fond memories from our trip and about 120 photos to view. Everyone we encountered in town was very friendly and helpful – at the grocery stores, the Dive Shop, Haynes library, two bakeries (Muriel can sure talk!) and so on. And how can we forget, Pres. Clinton Knowles. What a character! We rented a jeep for $420 and it got us everywhere we wanted to go. Thanks for that recommendation.

You may hear from us when it’s time to book Sable Rose or Med Point for 2009.


Brian and Becky Caldwell

May 2008

I'm sorry for the delay in sending this, but we got back from our trip to Le Sable Rose at midnight on Saturday 5/10 and I had to turn around and fly out to Houston for a week on Monday morning 5/12. I didn't get much done but laundry and repacking before I was on the road again. I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our week at Le Sable Rose (5/3 - 5/10). It was everything as promised and then some. While I had big plans to explore the island and see all the "elusive beaches", it turns out that I had great difficulty pulling myself away from the back porch. We did make it over to Ten Bay Beach and walked around the point to Double Bay. I'm afraind the other beaches will have to wait until our next trip. We are in the process of figuring out when that will be. You are definately going to be getting some repeat business in the future.My husband managed to do the buckaroo thing quite a bit and use the outside shower, he just made sure he had a pair of shorts handy in case company showed up. We realize how difficult the maintenance is on a house sitting that close to the water, and just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the effort. Those efforts provided us with an absolutely wonderful vacation.

Merri and Dan
chicago, Illinois

December 2007

Hello John

Thank you for making our stay at Elethera a pleasurable one! We really enjoyed staying at Le Sable Rose. We lucked out not only with the weather but also being there at a down time between holidays, making things even more quiet.

We found that lovely beach you mentioned just south of Windemere. You're right - it was fantastic and totally deserted. We tried to reach the Lighthouse beach but the road was just too washed out. But there is nice deserted beach in that area on the Atlantic side thats great for snorkeling and such. If one takes the road to the Lighthouse beach, eventually one will see a "private" entranceway for a childrens camp on the left / Atlantic side. Pass that road and then soon enough another road on the left/Atlantic side is there. That's what we drove down (carefully and slowly) to access this great beach. Clinton took care of us with the transportation - thank you for the recommendation. Also, we used Ocean Fox for completing our open water scuba diving requirements for the license and we definitely recommend them.

Wishing you and your family happy Holidays and a successful New Year.

Thank you again! Best regards,


May 2007

wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Sable Rose. It was everything you promised and then some. Next year, I would like to bring my in-laws down for 2 weeks. Do you have a place with 3-4 bedrooms that I could rent next April?


December 2006

Hi John

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed staying at Sable Rose. it is in a beautiful location, was spotlessly clean and really welll presented. We wish we were still there. Could you send me the links to all your proerties as my business colleagues now want to book some time down there as well. Some have kids so they may need larger properties.

Thanks again


October 2006

We had such a great time, we missed our flight back! We arrived 30 minutes before the departure time, only to see it taking off!!! We really wanted to write in the journal, but being late as it was...

We have been telling everybody we meet about Le Sable Rose. It was absolutely perfect for us!!! The beach and the privacy were magnificent.

Now it's back to the grind. I'm at University of Connecticut Emergency Department at the moment. Danae and I keep looking at each other and saying that we need to move into Le Sable Rose permanently!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful honeymoon!



P.S. if you're bored, our wedding pictures (no honeymoon pictures, though) are at netteburg.momentskept.com

October 2006


Your place is incredable!!!!

We had great time on Eleuthera and will certainly be back. I only wish we had booked your place for the whole week.

Thankyou again for allowing us to visit your wonderfull home.

Tom and Tracy

March 2005


Wendy and I have been back in Va for a few days now so I am finally getting around to sending you an e-mail. Our stay at Le Sable Rose was nothing short of awesome! We have an incredible time and will most definitely be back. I've attached a couple of pics from the trip which show a sunset from the deck of Le Sable as well as a nice lobster I speared right out the front door (one of many).

The locals were as friendly as can be and we had a great time exploring the island. We found lots of deserted beaches and drove the wheels off our "jeep". Your info packet was really helpful in finding some of the other beaches as well as letting us know some of the fun things to do around the island. Our 2 weeks flew by much too fast. Feel free to use us as a reference any time. Thanks again for having such a cool place!

Jeff & Wendy Berube

December Christmas 2004


just a note to say sable is better than ever. i guess every group of four hurricanes has a silver lining. as disheartening as it must have been, you did a bang up job of restoring sable to better than before. we had a grand time on the island, especially as windy as it was churning up sable's spectacular view. enclosed are some sunny pix of the super mural as well as us chillin' to the magic. next year will not come soon enough.

thanx..jeff & dee

December 2004

hi, john.

missed you at eleuthera. the house was in fabulous condition..what a job you guys did. mural is outstanding (great prep job!). we were wanting for nothing...zippo..nada. paula cleaned up quite a mess from five people before us and did get us another comforter and byron another chair to eat at the table outside. killer couch, great furniture, cool fridge...just fabulous...i loved the guest book, but front pages are falling out because guests are ripping out back pages unknowingly..spiral may work better...great intro by you...true island spirit!! woke up one morning to rifle wielding natives duck hunting in "bennetts bog" behind sable.....cool. kendra says hi. spooky flight home-left gov harbour 5:40 pm into night, wind and rainstorm at lauderdale...brilliant pilot..i don't fly well. never made it to kristel's party...windy and rainy. have pix for you in camera..will get dupes..didn't bring digital camera...sorry. thank you so much for the reduced fee and reservation for this week. we had a magical time, as usual. stay well and have a healthy new year with your wife, who you must thank for us.

jeff & dee

November 2004

Hey John,

We got back this weekend. We had a wonderful time. This has been our best Caribbean experience thus far. We really enjoyed the solitude of being the last house on the road. The improvements and all new appliances/furniture since the hurricane were great. Everyone on the island is so friendly, coming from the east coast it took us a while to get used to all the waving and interest people had in starting conversations. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about you. We mainly just hung around the house everyday and hardly ever ran into other people on the beach outfront. Anne and I both thought Surfers Beach was one of the nicest beaches we have ever seen. This was the most relaxing vacation we have taken. We have already recommended Le Sable Rose to many friends and family members, and will plan on coming back in the future. We just sat here for a few minutes trying to come up with a few suggestions for future improvements and honestly everything was perfect for two people. I think it is the perfect model of what a beach bungalow should look like, no ammenity can beat having the house literally 25 feet from the water on the sand with the cross winds blowing through the house.

Thank you for sharing your house with us and we will keep it in mind the next time we head to Caribbean. If you need anything else from us let us know.


Kevin and Anne

August 2004

Hi John!

Brett and I want to thank you so much for the lovely week at Le sable rose! We spent most of our time at the house, drinking rum and Kalik and "going cowboy"! It is truly a wonderful place, no bullshit, just like you said. The snorkeling right in front of the house was great and the dive guys at Fox diving were awesome.

Anyway, we hope we can return to le sable rose again, for at least two weeks next time, and hopefully soon! Paris is next, in the spring, but we may be relocating to south Florida in the next year or two, which would make the trip much shorter and less expensive.

Take care,

Rachel and Brett
Memphis, TN

July 2004

Dear John,

Sorry it has taken us so long to write to you after our stay at both Aaron's Beach House and Le Sable Rose. We have been busy moving out of state and remodeling our "fixer-upper" that we settled on only days after our return from Eleuthera.

First let me just say that this was a dream vacation/wedding/honeymoon come true. We loved every minute of our two week stay at your beach houses. We were absolutely breathless the first time we saw the water and the view from the deck at Aaron's. The accommodations were very comfortable, but who wants to be inside when you have paradise right outside the door.

The first week at Aaron's we did not see a single person on the beach!!! We usually stayed up on the deck "cowboy style" most of the day and came down to snorkel in the early mornings and for a afternoon swim around 3 pm or so. Wow...snorkeling was so much fun. Mike saw a huge Caribbean lobster our first day and tried to catch it but it went under a rock. There were so many fish and in every color under the sun. The reefs were really great in front of the house, we went down to the one's to the left but they didn't have as much action. We went out to eat quite a bit, who wants to cook when your on vacation? We went to The Sunset Inn, Tippy's, The Buccanear Club, The Pina Café, The Workers House, Mate & Jenny's and The Ciggatoo Inn. All had great food and atmospheres, but in our opinion a must dine is at the Fish Fry, Friday nights in Governors Harbor. At the fish fry we met people from all over the U.S. plus a 10 year old boy from Iceland.

We met a lot of really nice local people during our stay. Arthur, who works at Burrow's Liquor Store is awesome, and so is Angie who works are The Buccanear Club.

We also made it out only twice during the day, once to Kemps Cove and once to H****** Beach. Both were fun, especially the hilly, long road to get to Hepburn's after you exit the highway. At K*** Cove we saw star fish, a manna-ray and lots of fish and wild life. Both places were very peaceful and secluded! Who wants to go out when you have everything right in front of your house to begin with!

We couldn't really say which house was our favorite. Each house had its own unique style. Le Sable was great inside because the house is fully air conditioned, also the beach is your front yard, literally. Aaron's was nice because it was so secluded and peaceful with all the plants and flowers surrounding the grounds, and more secluded, at least compared to Le Sable. We also loved the two decks at Aaron's and the view from on top the hillside. That brings me to the steps-wheww, you get a workout every time you go up or down-just hold onto the rope.

We really miss Eleuthera and we will definitely be back!!! We wish we were there now! In fact when we were there the only thing we missed were our two dogs. Maybe next time we will try to bring them! Thanks again John for the awesome experience and dream Wedding-moon! It was also great meeting you and your wife, Jenny. Thanks for all the new stuff you brought us, especially the snorkel sets!

-Mike and Robyn Wiles
Georgetown, Delaware

May, 2004

Hi John:

Just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed our stay at Le Sable Rose; it is really a special place. I've attached a 180 degree view from the front of the house, I thought you might like for your web site,

best regards,

Barry & Cheryl .

January 19, 2003

Again, I can't thank you enough for providing THAT incredible little house on the beach...its now beginning to feel like a second home to me having gone twice in 5 months!! Again I spent most of the time ( 99.9%) just lazing on the beach, walking, snorkeling and sipping wine. We did take the much touted side trip to the lighthouse point...ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Took tons of pictures and video this time and hopefully captured enough to get me thru until my next visit!! (already looking at the calendar as to when I can slip away again!)

Have more to write and tell you, but have to deal with at least spurts of reality here today (6 kids who demand my attention and an icy walkway (YUCK!!!!) My tan looks totally out of place here in the snowy arctic New England January! More later...and again MUCHO Thanks!!!


December 14, 2002


I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how happy we were in selecting LeSable Rose. The beach was beautiful and the views from the deck couldn't be better (or any closer). Privacy and seclusion were exactly what we wanted and LeSable Rose certainly delivered.

Thank You,



Just wanted to let you know how much Tanya, Heather and I enjoyed staying at Sable Rose. It was the vacation we would only dream of but not expect to take. Thanks for helping make it a reality. We enjoyed the water so much. At night we enjoyed being alone with no phone and a lot of books (we each brought a bag of books).

Now we are hoping that we get the chance to go again.

Theron, Tanya and Heather

Hello John,

sorry for the delay, but I was out for job. Our stay at Le Sable Rose was "simply unforgettable". It was the first time in our life (we are 45 and 35) that we really cried leaving that paradise. WE WANT TO LIVE THERE!!! I've made a film of your house and beach, if you are interested I can send you a Mpeg file to insert in your web site. Let me know.

Everything were perfect.

Thank you very much for your friendly assistance.


Giancarlo & Angela

Hi John,

Sorry I never took the time to thank you. Christine and I rented your house the second week of July. I made a surprise to her for our honeymoon. We really enjoyed very much the house, the beautiful beach, the Island, the people...!! We really had a great time, and we know we'll come back!

It is so quiet and so beautiful, it is the perfect place for a successful vacation. The full beach for ourselves, what a dream!!

Thanks again John, I'll try to email you a nice picture for your website. Take care!


Hey John:

Just a quick email to thank you for your hospitality and letting us use Sable Rose for a week in August. We really needed a vacation and to get away from the city, and being on an empty beach for a week, and still close to the blender, was just what Justine and I needed. I thought being alone on a nice beach with your girlfriend was just a fantasy, but, for us, it was a reality for an unforgetable, great week.

Thanks again

Peter and Justine


It was absolutely awesome, the house is in a great location. We didn't see anyone else on the beach the whole time! The island is great, the locals are some of the friendliest people we have ever met. I did a lot of snorkeling. It was neat to be on an island where the reefs have not been totally destroyed by tons of tourists I also caught crawfish on the reef right in front of the house.

I was very pleased and can't wait to come back! How does the calendar for Christmas look, we may also be interested in next April? If we can't do either of these times we are definitely interested in next summer.

We will keep you informed. Also; Kendra from Sunset Restaurant told me to say hi, she was very nice and very informative about the island.

Thank you for everything,



We sent a brief email after we returned, but I don't mind telling you again that We Loved It! Byron made everything very easy. The reef behind the house is awesome. We had a great time!



Hi John,

It was absolutely great. I was impressed by the house and I was very comfortable staying there. Having a nicely equipped kitchen the satellite TV and stereo were really nice. I actually only ate out twice, but did get get lobster on two different days from the local fisherman. I got lots of sun, drank lots of wine, and read lots of books. All very relaxing. I will definitely plan to return at some point and will of course recommend it to others. My thanks to Byron and Paula too.



This was by far our most wonderful vacation!!! Though we craved the isolation, we were a bit concerned since we only rented a car 8 of our 13 days here. But we found that North Palmetto Point is not nearly as isolated as we first thought. From Sable Rose, Unique Village is 2.1 miles up the beach road. Muriel's Bakery is 2.7 miles (phone number 332-1583). Muriel makes delicious home-made breads and the coconut tart is superb! Her daughter-in-law cooks, and several times we ordered through Muriel her chicken, rice, and beans and macaroni and cheese. A great meal for only $6-$8 per person. And the conch chowder was the best we've had! Millard's Variety Store is 2.9 miles away, is fairly well-stocked, but last night they were out of milk. But we found in her freezer Rum and Raisin ice cream! The best stocked grocery store we found outside of Governor's Harbour at the intersection of Church Street and Queens Highway, called Sands (3.6 miles from Sable Rose). The days with no car we enjoyed the house & beach here, rarely wearing clothes. The snorkeling is good and easy just off the promontory to the left of the house, and a little better around the bend toward Double Bay, entering the water just after the coral ends, but watch out for high coral. We loved taking our showers outdoors on the ocean. Went to bed early, and enjoyed the sunrise from the bed. We only saw a few people each day on our beach, then we'd scramble for our clothes. We also enjoyed driving around Eleuthera, seeing the picturesque houses, beaches, flowers, trees, and people, and other sights. We like the food and ambiance at Bucaneer Club. They have paintings by Mal Flanders, which we loved. He has a gallery in Tarpum Bay, where we bought a small painting, and may commision more. We also got good souvenirs at Pam's Gift Shop in Gregory Town and Luna Art Gallery in Rock Sound (she may change that name).

We hope to come back soon for another great 2 weeks!

John and Jane 3/2/02 to 3/15/02

P.S. We went out to the Gut Islands on our raft on what we thought was a calm day, but the waves at the Gut Islands were too strong to land or explore; we got scratched up some; be careful!

Arrived 3/15/02

After 8 days, we hate to leave...our favorites:

Muriel's....dinner and pies

Rainbow Inn....dinner and Dr. Seabreeze

Luna Sea....local art & misc. things Bahamian, in Rock Sound

Paul Petty....excellent (bone) fishing guide, and great fun to talk to-Governor's Harbour (ask at Bucanner Inn)


Great Place!

hardly saw anyone all week. Great Snorkeling out front.. Big Barracuda...Rainbow Inn on Friday for steak night was a blast and delicious. Harbour Island is incredible and well worth the trip. The Blue Bar at Pink Sands Resort on Harbour Island makes the best conch fritters hands down. If up island, check at Ben's Bay Beach. It is straight and out of a movie and very private. The water out front is sometimes rough at Sable, so that's a good time to go exploring. The Caribbean side near the Glass Window is very calm all the time and amazing. This is a perfect place for rest and relaxation.

Dan and Tracy

June 2006


Better late than never. It has been 2 months since we returned from 2 great weeks at Le Sable Rose. The cottage was just perfect for 2 and the location excellent for those that wish to get away from it all. We only had one bad bout of weather and that came on the middle Friday night with a major storm that blew ashore. In total we saw app. 15 people come past the cottage in 2 weeks. Some days we didn't see a person. Got caught a couple of times sans suits, but, OH Well, they didn't seem to care.

Natasha and her kids were most helpful. She is an asset for you to have aboard. We only saw her twice but were in contact with her I think two other times on the phone. I found a huge conch in the lagoon out front and she took care of getting it cleaned for us so we could bring it home.

We did do quite a bit of exploring, but probably not quite as much as others according to the notes left in the guest book. Our favorite find was Hepburn's Beach. The beach was ours for the entire day we were there. We hit several restaurants and they were all very good. I was able to get my fill of cracked conch.

We visited Med Pointe. Very nice although we liked Sable Rose better for its remoteness. We met a couple that were staying at Aarons. They visited us at Sable Rose just to see it. Very nice people who I think may contact you about Sable Rose.

As we moved into our second week our daytrips got shorter and less frequent as we just enjoyed being at the cottage and on the beach, etc., etc. We have told several of our friends about our trip and have given them your website, so you may be receiving some calls from others up here in Michigan.

We are glad that we made contact with you and are real glad that second week opened up. That really made the trip special. We very likely will be contacting you for 2008 sometime in the future

. Sincerely, Ross & Diane