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Bahamas scuba

The Bahamas are world renown for the diving in its crystal-clear waters. It is no accident that Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of Jacques, and a diving pioneer in his own right, has a home in Eleuthera, about 15 minutes from le Sable.

In front of "Sable Rose", there are many reefs offshore, as seen in the photo album. You can catch your own dinner within minutes. The following nautical map of Eleuthera, shows the reefs immediately offshore, as well as the offshore Gut Islands nearby(Sable is located at the red "X"):

Looking at the nautical map of the area, one can see the numerous reefs, good for snorkeling; the site of the house is just north of Double Bay, an area with homes of a few celebrities, including singer, Patty LaBelle, and actor, Treat Williams. As long as I am dropping names, I once stepped on Ruth Buzzi's foot, at the L.A. International Airport. All she said was, "Get off my foot"! I expected something a little more humorous.

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Eleuthera photosEleuthera

There is a concentration of excellent dive sites near Harbor Island, if you are interested in exploring wrecks. Near the small island of Spanish Wells is the 'Devil's Backbone', an area which has many wrecks, old and modern. Also nearby is the 'Eleuthera Train Wreck', where the wreckage of railroad cars lays, from the era of the Civil War. There is a 1919 freighter, 200 feet long nearby, in about 35 feet of water. Finally, there is a 265 foot freighter, that sank in 1971 to explore in the same general area.

If you are interested in sealife, below are some of the interesting areas, with the accompanying number showing their location on the map of Eleuthera:

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1) SPLIT REEF: Large coral head, surrounded by sand; beautiful fan corals, large fish; canyon split and tunnel through entire reef; 45 feet.

2) HIGH HEAD: Steep coral head plunging from 10 feet to 50 feet; superb for varying photography; large brain coral formations and anemones.

3) FAIRYLAND-Finger reefs stretching from 20 to 30 feet; good for soft corals and sponges.

4) BLACK SHOALS-Series of heads ranging from 25-35 feet; huge vase sponges, large morays,turtles and grouper abound in this area.

Bahamas diving

5) TWIN HEADS-Double your fun! These heads seem to be the permanent homeof large stingrays and huge schools of margate and other BIG fish; 30 feet.

6) FLOWER GARDEN-Literally blooming with color; large open reef area 25'deep; coral fingers growing within few feet of surface; good for shells and basket stars.

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7) PIMLICO-Down at 90 feet, everything seems big; especially the groupers (and sharks!?); lots of holes to poke in and around.

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8)THE DROP-OFF-Experienced divers only! This drop-off starts at 120 feet and continues to 6,000 feet.

Bahama diving

9) INDIAN MOUND-95 feet deep coral pinnacle boasting of large Jewfish; right next to DEEP ocean; some unusual visitors on occasion.

Bahamas snorkelling

10) THE CURRENT CUT-The most famous and exhilarating drift dive in existence! Most divers can make 3 ten-minute runs on 1 tank, moving from 7 to 10 knots! Varying bottom-30 feet to 65 feet; lots of unusual fish and wreckage.

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11) MYSTERY REEF-If coral were ice cream, you could eat this entire reef! Cascades of coral from 10feet to 35 feet; brain coral, lettuce and star corals...everything, mama! Did you ever, in the morning? I'll never tell!

Bahamas snorkelling

Eleuthera divingEleuthera divingEleuthera divingEleuthera diving


Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera

The local dive shop in Governor's Harbor has some of the basic supplies for the snorkeler and diver. There are rentals of scuba equipment, masks, and snorkeling equipment, as well as oxygen tanks. Spear guns are illegal in Eleuthera, so a device called a Hawaiian sling is used instead, and is offered here. For information, call Charles or Marilyn Sands at 242-332-2146.

There are two larger dive shops in Harbor Island. Call ahead, so there are no surprises when you get there:

1) Ramora Bay Club Dive Shop (242-333-2323)

2) Valentine's Resort and Marina 800-383-648

email: vdc@batelnet.bs

Tim Riley has a dive operation based in the Southern part of the island, called, appropriately, "South Eleuthera Divers". This full-service operation goes to the seldom-visited reefs and wrecks off Rock Sound and Cape Eleuthera, on the Caribbean side of the island.

If you desire a personal local Bahamian guide, who knows the local waters well call

Mike 242-335-6471 or 242-332-2341


Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

Bahamas diving

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