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Governors Harbour, Eleuthera

Private Pilots Page for Eleuthera

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North Eleuthera

Governor's Harbour Airport

Rock Sound Airport

Nassau Internation Airport Radar Map

Miami International Radar Map

(Eleuthera: 25 degrees 29'N-76 degrees 41'W: AOE)

Runway: 7/25 4,500' x 100'
Asphalt-good condition
Smooth surface runway
Elevation: 32'
CTAF: 122.8
Governors Harb. VOR ZGV 310 degrees radial 22 nm (in-op)
Nassau VOR 112.7D, ZQA 059 degrees raial 50nm
Treasure Cay VOR 112.9 ZTC 153 Degrees radial 85 nm
Freeport VOR 113.2K, zfp 120 degrees radial 126 nm
Nassau Radio 128.0, 124.2, File or cancel from altitude

LIGHTS: IFR night with prior arrangements
WINDSOCK: East of terminal
STATUS: Government
OBSTACLES: Slight hill on southeast
FUEL: Now available! Avgas from Petco and soon to be available fro White Crow Aviation, Jet fuel may be available in 2001
CUSTOMS/IMMIGRATION 7 days 8:30-5:30 winter, 8:30-6:30 summer
LANDING FEES: None for singles, twins $6-10 plus an Arrival Report
PARKING/TIE DOWN: Paved ramp NE, space for 100 total, Parking fees singles/twins under 10,000 lbs $10/day, or $120/month
REPAIRS: None TELEPHONE: at airport