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"A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight..." Robertson Davies

Book Description: 'More Talkin' Bahamian' gives an insight into the language of everyday Bahamians, and gives a good belly laugh to common sayings on the street. It contains dictionary entries and proverbs

The definitive book on the history of Eleuthera; starts in the days when Eleuthera was the most important island in the Bahamas, with the settlement of the "Eleuthera Adventurers. Goes until about the 1960's. We need someone else to step up to the plate and do a history of Eleuthera until the present. Maybe Dr.Seabreeze????

"Old People Say..." Tales from Eleuthera Compiled by Raeann R. Hamon Raeann Hamon and Stephen Cobb have undertaken a tremendous and noble task in capturing some of the folk stories told on Eleuthera. They have spent many summers in Eleuthera listening to and writing the stories you will enjoy in this book. As you read, the simple life style, dialect and beliefs of the natives of Eleuthera will attract your attention. Storytelling was one of the main forms of entertainment as family and friends gathered on the porch or under a shady tree in the late afternoon. The storyteller kept an aspect of the culture alive. However, with the advent of the television, telephone and automobile very few persons gathered outdoors to listen to the storyteller. As you may have guessed, storytelling has become virtually a lost art. (1997) Messiah College Press, Paperback, 51 pp.

"The Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera"

THE book on beaches in Eleuthera; vivid descriptions, and location of all the known, and not-so-well known beaches on this beautiful Bahamian Out Island

The quest to record and preserve the last vestiges of a fast-disappearing musical culture is vividly rendered in this account of a summer on the Bahamian island of Andros. A budding music historian, Charters (The Roots of the Blues) had discovered a series of Alan Lomax's Library of Congress recordings of Andros folk songs from the late 1930s

Vangerry is a couple author team from Rock Sound, Eleuthera; Vangerry Oldham succeeds in weaving a fascinating story combining myth and reality in "Long Memory," the story of the fictionalzed Coatique-Moctezuma lineage which originated on one of the many Bahama Islands. The story is particularly significant in that little history of the area has been committed to paper; Oldham's prose should find its way onto Bahaman history bookshelves. The tale tells of the Arawaks on the Island of Bagwynatoo and their descendants and spans not years but centuries. This story is more than a novel. It is an epic that is well researched from beginning to end, and Oldham's clipped, British style of writing is refreshing to read. He explains the title of "Long Memory" as being a gift of the Coatique-Moctezuma line which translates to something akin to reincarnation, or extrasensory perception, throughout the bloodline.

> Written by Vangerry is a couple author team from Rock Sound, Eleuthera;
Book Description
There are a few authors who have taken up the task and committed our stories to paper – but they are indeed few. It is for this reason that we must celebrate and embrace the established Bahamian writers and the new addition to the collection. Vangerry Oldham is no newcomer. Oldham has graced our libraries with ’Inside-out’, ‘Long Memory’, a musical play ‘Belthera’. ‘Devil’s Vacation’ is in preparation. Now, after years of hard work, Vangerry has done it again. ‘Passing Jacks’, the culmination of thirty-plus years of inspiration, is 157 pages of pure, simple, authentic and superbly satisfying Bahamian literature. Gerry Oldham has a writing style that reflects his years spent as a teacher; it is clear, concise, and to the point – which is always: The Real Bahamas. The husband and wife team of Van and Gerry Oldham has generously poured out its joint hearts into the creation of this anthology and offer it up to be kept and held dear by Bahamians. Eleuthereans – do you remember ‘Cuz Archie? What about the Fishers? Teachers – do your students know about Andy Deveaux? Bahamians – do you know the words to the National Hymn?

Story of two men who surived a torpedoed British Merchant Ship, and made a miraculous journey on a jolly boat, as they drifted for 2500 miles from off the coast of Africa to James Cistern, Eleuthera during the Second World War in 1940.


who also has a Pizza Parlor/Internet Cafe in Tarpum Bay




who also has a Pizza Parlor/Internet Cafe in Tarpum Bay

Hunting for sea glass treasures and safeguarding the hiding places where these precious images of the past wash ashore, are passions among the beach-faithful in the state of Maine. This hunger for sea glass is a natural progression for visitors to the state's scenic coastline, where the ocean water is pretty to look at but forbiddingly cold to swim in. Therefore, rather than risk hypothermia, why not relax and find some unlikely beach treasure to take home? Sea Glass Chronicles: Whispers from the Past, presents the ageless hobby of beachcombing as an anthropological art. Written from the point of view of an artisan by C.S. Lambert with professional photography by Pat Hanbery, this lovely book is a terrific and meaningful gift for men and women of any age. Lambert presents the simple experience of hunting for sea glass; those dazzling little pieces of glistening remnants leftover after the sea has abused them - artifacts of whatever age - as a worthwhile hobby and esthetic pastime. Each page of this book lays out the possibilities of what happened to sea glass before being rescued by the beachcombing enthusiast. Holiday gifts, coffee table conversation table toppers or inspirational reading, Sea Glass Chronicles: Whispers From the Past is a book to treasure just like the mysterious particles described between the book jacket covers

The US Internal Revenue service in the Bahamas, trying to track down laundered funds, though real estate and casino transactions. Follow the scrupulously researched book through crooked dealings that most likely have occurred in other countries, but in this specific case, the Bahamas

Book Description: Called the ghost of the flats, the silvery bonefish is the holy grail of flats fishing. Its speed in the water and chameleon-like color make it the ultimate challenge to catch, and because of its elusiveness, much of the joy of bonefishing is in searching for the fish. Finding bonefish from a skiff and while wading are thoroughly covered, as is catch-and-release. Details on the bonefish's environment and its food provide the essential background, and you'll learn what tackle and flies to take and how to cast efficiently in the flats.
About the Author: Chico Fern(ndez took his first bonefish on a fly rod in the late fifties and has been hooked on bonefish ever since. He lives in Miami and writes regularly for the saltwater magazines.

Lonely Planet Guide books are considered by some to be the best "street-wise" travel books, and this one takes us through the Bahamas, in every major island, including Eleuthera, and the Turks and Caicos

Book Description This book is about me, Cap'n Bo. When I told the author, John Bloomfield, this tale he could't believe it but, as is much in real life, the truth is often stanger than fiction. Some of this is so outrageous, it just couldn't be made up anyway. I am a big time sportfishing captain chartering by boat in the Bahamas. My fishing mate, Bulldog, is a 400 pound giant of goodness and kindness. I was not good or kind. In fact, I was pretty mean, greedy and self-centered, but I changed. It was change or die. I fished until I hated it. I caught the strangest fish in the ocean. I had to kill a man. I almost got Bulldog killed. I found a lot of gold and gave it away. I found a girl tougher than I was, and fell in love, and gave her away too. Actually she left me, which was a first for me. My friends saved me with their voodoo. I took from everybody all my life. Giving, got me all I ever wanted, and more. I found out the hard way; the only way I can learn anything it seems. I found my soul mate. My sole mate found her soul. I found my life, just in time too. People do Flip Flop. Tight lines to ya, Cap'n Bo Harbour Island, Bahamas About the Author John Bloomfield is by profession an aerospace engineer, and an industrial and systems engineer receiving degrees from the Georgia Institue of Technology. John is a nationally recognized inventor of products ranging from avionics to medical electronics to robotics and even toys. He lives on the Atlantic Ocean on the sportfishing battlewagon, "Full Bloom".

From Publishers Weekly: There's a Condé Nast Traveler article fighting to get out of bestseller Buffett's first new novel in a decade, a groovily laid-back, ramblingly anecdotal, sun-soaked bit of Caribbean escapism that his Parrothead fans will relish like another chorus of "Margaritaville." Tully Mars, a 40-ish ex-cowboy turned guide at the Lost Boys Fishing Lodge island resort, undertakes various sojourns around the Caribbean, to Mayan ruins, a jungle safari camp, a spring break bacchanal in Belize. Nothing much happens—"That day, we spent the rest of the daylight hours on the shallow waters of Ascension Bay and the lagoon amid incredible natural beauty unlike anything I had ever seen before" is about as busy as it gets—except that Tully meets a parade of colorful natives and expatriates, including a Mayan medicine man, a British commando and a 103-year-old woman who skippers a sailing schooner and wants to restore a historic lighthouse on Cayo Loco, the titular island. The characters are all hospitality entrepreneurs, and Buffett (A Pirate Looks at Fifty) also gives them shaggy-dog anecdotes, tidbits of Caribbean history and desultory life lessons to relate. There are glimmers of plot—bounty hunters, loves lost and found—but mostly Tully has little to do but savor the accommodations and atmospherics of tourist locales while the sea washes him with waves of love, happiness and maturity as infallibly as the tides. This book is as cheery and tropical as Buffet's music.

Book Description With 25 island groups strewn across miles of transparent blue seas, the Bahamas offers an extensive variety of marine adventures. Dive with sharks, swim with dolphins, and explore sunlit reefs, mysterious blue holes, natural wrecks and vertigo-inducing walls. Highlights include Shark Rodeo at Walker’s Cay, wild dolphins at Little Bahama Bank and New Providence’s movie-set wrecks. Topside, indulge in great dining and nightlife on the main islands, or take off for the pristine beaches and rich culture of the Out Islands. This guide describes 108 of the archipelago’s top sites, with full color photos throughout. You’ll get specific information on:
dive site depth range, access and conditions
common and hazardous marine life
topside activities and attractions
diving services and live-aboards
15 easy-to-read maps

From Publishers Weekly: In the Bahamas, according to this collection of gentle poems, people "walk together on Sundays" and stop "at the place where / two trees arch as one /leaves touching / like family." Like Mattie Lou O'Kelley's primitive folk art paintings of Georgia, Ferguson's flat canvases of his native islands are bright and colorful, and Greenfield's simply worded poems offer an enthusiastic tour of island life. "Look at that!" the reader is told after turning to a portrait of a woman in a fine blue dress; "Look at that lady / in the saucer hat." Tourists "fill their bags with fascinating stuff," and fishermen haul in yellow fish with bait that "works a whole / lot better than / a wish / if you really / want to catch a fish." Perspective and relative sizes are buoyantly askew in these vibrant paintings where large sea birds hover over milk white lilies and "sing a song of colors." All ages. (Amos Ferguson is a native of Nassau, and displays his work at the Princess Street Gallery in Harbour Island>

Sink your toes into miles of pink sand, make flippered friends in a swim-with-the-dolphins program, set your mouth on fire at a legendary conch shack, or break the bank at the Caribbean's largest casino —Fodor's Bahamas, 19th Edition offers all these experiences and more! Our local writers have traveled throughout these islands to find the best hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities to prepare you for a journey of stunning variety. Before you leave for your trip be sure to pack your Fodor's guide to ensure you don't miss a thing. The San Francisco Chronicle sums it up best —"Fodor's guides are saturated with information."

The Ephemeral Islands: A Natural History of the Bahamas (Paperback) by David Campbell

Arawaks and Astronauts: Twenty Years on Eleuthera, by Kjeld Helweg-Larsen; used copies available....

Book Description Scale 1:1,100,000. With inset map of Nassau and Paradise Island; close-up maps of major islands (various scales). Printed on both sides. Detailed map of the island group, including banks and reefs. Legend locates major and minor roads; land and sea parks; airports; hotels; points of interest...

From Publishers Weekly: The daughter of designer David Hicks and the granddaughter of Louis Lord Mountbatten, India Hicks spent a decade as an international fashion model "before moving to the Bahamas with former advertising executive David Flint Wood." The two collaborated on building, restoring and decorating three homes, as well as a hotel; their book documents the results of their design efforts, and offers how-to tips on getting similar effects. Over 200 full-color photos by David Loftus offer calm, lovely looks at the couple’s Bahaman interiors (as well as a few exteriors and landscapes—along with occasional looks at the photogenic couple and their three children). If not for the authors’ explicitly invoked pedigree and a foreword by Ralph Lauren, this book might look a little plain, with a layout straining toward Williams-Sonoma catalogue quality but not quite hitting the mark. The final page of the book offers information on staying at three of the homes documented herein, including one of David Hicks’s own, which was "designed and built by him in 1969 and completely restored in 2002."

Completely updated every year (unlike most of the competition), Frommer's Bahamas 2006 features gorgeous color photos of the magnificent pink-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and island experiences that await you. Inside you'll get complete details on the major resort areas of Nassau, Cable Beach, Paradise Island, and Freeport/Lucaya, with candid reviews of the best resorts, restaurants, casinos, and attractions. Then we'll take you to the Out Islands, where you can find the perfect place to get away from it all on a your own stretch of secluded white sand. In every destination, you'll find complete details on beaches, snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, golf, and other active adventures--plus the best beach bars and the top restaurants for authentic, spicy island cuisine. Whether you want an elegant honeymoon hideaway or an affordable family resort, Frommer's Bahamas 2006 can help you plan the island getaway that's right for you. You'll even get a color fold-out map, a complete cruise guide, and tips on find the best package deals.

From the local Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera author, George Major's work; from Reviewer: Donna K (Lititz, Pa, USA)
"I have traveled to Eleuthera twice. Reading George's book was like traveling back to the island. He has been able to combine a fine story of romance with wonderful descriptions of all the beautiful places in Eleuthera. The book also contains several poetic essays on the island, and island life. My particular favorite was "Everything is Poetry, They Say" which is a beautiful description of the floral colors of Eleuthera and the Bahamas. If you have ever been to Eleuthera or any of the Out Islands, or are considering a trip, I would recommend the book. And if you have never considered travel there, reading his book may make you decide to go!" . (George, by the way, also has a pizzeria/internet cafe in Tarpum Bay; see it at this link

Reviewer: Dave Kirby (aboard Freedom 2000) Pavlidis' guide will get you to places you didnt think you could visit. It also assumes you are a competent tropical water sailor and wont do stupid things like run into rocks, etc. Where other guides state "local knowledge required" for an area Pavlidis gives you the best current info and then warns you to be aware of possible changes and hazards. If you want to find places where there is still a lobster under every rock and no other boats in sight, this is the guide to use.

Reviewer: Carmen (South Florida, USA) As an American descendant of Bahamian immigrants, I've always been fascinated by my family's tales of delicious island dishes. Many of those dishes were duplicated here in South Florida when my great-grandparents immigrated to the States, but many others remained a mystery to me. Imagine, then, my delight at finding Lady Igrid Darling's wonderful compilation of Bahamian and Caribbean cuisine. It's a great mix of the sophisticated and the every-day. As I read the recipes to them, my mom, aunts and cousins sat around reminiscing and sharing stories about the various mouth-watering dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables contained therein. This delightful cookbook brought back memories for my family, and will now build memories for me. At their insistence, I've now purchased three additional copies for my mom, sister and others to share. I'm thrilled with my purchase and will use this cookbook for many years to come, both learning about and sharing my culinary heritage with today's generation of Allen descendants.

Reviewer: Musial (USA) This is a great book to pick up if you're even thinking of going to the Bahamas. Great pictures, comprehensive dive site reviews PLUS the book is loaded with lots of extras that make it one of the best dive books I've seen. Pages of fishID info with color photos, dive medicine, travel tips -- all in a very attractive package.

From the Back Cover: The Bahamas Fly-Fishing Guide is a comprehensive guide to fly fishing and adventure travel in the Bahamas - with detailed information on lodges, guides, services, tackle, flies, tactics, diving, snorkeling, and adventure travel. The Bahamian fishery is thoroughly examined, along with historical, geographical, and cultural information that introduces the larger world of the islands. Graced with truly exceptional maps, as well as photographs of all the major locations in the Bahamas, this book is a must for anyone - fly fisher or not - planning a trip to this exquisite part of the world. (6 X 9, 268 pages, color photos, b&w photos, maps)

Reviewer: Bruce Nelson (Oceanus.net) I have several Bahamas cruising guides and this is the BEST ! I live in the Bahamas and have found things here I did not know. It is accurate, easy to read,and well written. I highly reccomend this book to anybody that is interested in cruising the Bahamas or even those interested in the Bahamas at all. A REALLY GOOD BOOK ! Head and shoulders above the rest of the Bahamian cruising guides!

From the Back Cover: Inagua is the adventurous story of a scientific expedition begun by chance and misfortune when Gilbert Klingel and his partner were shipwrecked on the coral reef of Great Inagua Island in the Bahamas. While his partner chose to return to the comforts of home, Klingel decided to stay and study the wildlife of land, lake and sea. Part natural history, part adventure, part memoir, this long-forgotten classic is perfect for anyone who loves an exciting journey filled with wonder and discovery.

Experience a place the way the locals do. Enjoy the best it has to offer. And avoid tourist traps. Frommer's Portable Guides help you make the right travel choices. They're easy to carry—and carry an unbeatable price. Frommer's. Your guide to a world of travel experience. Put the Best of the Bahamas in Your Pocket Outspoken opinions on top attractions—what's worth your time and what's not. Exact prices, so you can plan the perfect trip no matter what your budget. The best hotels and restaurants in every price range, with candid reviews. The expert guidance you need to take charge and travel with confidence. Excerpted from Frommer's Bahamas Great trips begin at Frommers.com Book flights, hotels, and rental cars. Get free updates on attractions and prices.

From Publishers Weekly: As Morris's hard-boiled, edgy debut novel opens, former Miami Dolphins linebacker Zachary Chasteen is being released after serving almost two years in a Florida penitentiary on trumped-up charges. Zack longs to be reunited with Barbara Pickering, his velvet-voiced lover, who is busy in the Bahamas shooting a spread for the magazine she owns. He gets ditched mid-journey by the limo driver she's sent ahead to fetch him and is suddenly on his own, penniless and without ID. Zack hitches a ride to his childhood home, but once there, he's ambushed by the violent lackeys of Victor Ortiz, the man who framed him years before. Zack manages a narrow escape, but is faced with even more trouble. Barbara's ex-fiancé, Brice, is found murdered, and she's been kidnapped with a hefty ransom on her head. Police inspector (and former football player) Lynfield Pederson and Zack put their heads together as Hurricane Curt barrels toward them. After the limo driver who originally deserted Zack is identified as a well-known deadly criminal and the probable source of all things bad, Zack gets a lucky break and speeds off to a bat-filled sea cave to confront his nemesis at the novel's bullet-ridden climax. An array of colorful locals gives the story some much-needed texture, while juicy plotting keeps this impressive page-turner simmering. Morris has produced an accomplished first novel with a priceless final scene.

Caribbean Travel & LifeMagazine, June 15,1996: "Some of the most authentic Bahamian recipes. Bahama Mama's Cooking is filled with spicy ethnic foods and flavors."
B. Cooper, Nassau Bahamas: "It is with great pleasure that I found [this book]. The variety of interesting recipes is truly a gastronomic delight."
J. Jacobs, Austin, TX "This book I love... The Cononut Bread, Mama's Mango Salsa, Curried Pork and Pineapple and the drinks are delicious..."
Book Description
140 recipes.
Traditional Bahamian cooking is imaginative and creative, It offers something to suit all tastes. There are wonderful blends of spices in these delicious breads, vegetarian meals, side dishes, salads, appetizers, meats, beverages, soups and desserts. Simple to prepare.

"Turtle Soup Theory" is a book of poems by George Major, a local Tarpum Bay writer and entrepreneur. George also makes a dynamite pizza at his Papa George's Pizzeria and Internet Cafe

Author Brian Antoni was born and raised in Freeport,Bahamas to his physician father: From Library Journal: The wealthy young bachelor Chris Angostura, whose main interests in life are cocaine and women, and his friend Shark, whose dream is to become a major player in the drug-trafficking trade, live what they think is the good life in the Bahamas. Then Chris falls in love with Robin, an eclectic artist who is dying of cancer. At the same time, Shark steals a large amount of cocaine from vengeful Colum-bian drug lords. Life, love, and death are newly defined for Chris and Shark as they come to grips with uncontrollable forces in their lives. This first novel is generally well written, especially the segments featuring Chris's unique storytelling, but Antoni's use of profanity-while in line with the characters-may prove excessive for some readers. Nonetheless, this novel is recommended for public libraries. See a Short Story that Brian Antoni wrote about Conch

The Conch Book: All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Queen Conch, from Gestation to Gastronomy (Paperback) by Dee Carstarphen
The Caribbean Compass, January, 2000: This sumptuously illustrated and exhaustively researched book tells you everything you'll ever need to know about the Queen Conch.
Islands Magazine, November, December 1996: THE CONCH BOOK is guaranteed to make an honorary conchologist out of anyone - and whet your taste for the mollusk.
Book Description: Lavishly illustrated with pen & ink drawings, The Conch Book tells the life story of the beautiful pink-lipped shellfish that is a staple of West Indian cuisine. History, mariculture, Bahamian conching techniques, cleaning and cooking the conch are all included.

Book Description Chance the Tide provides valuable information for a winter cruise to the Bahamas. Mowbray covers the major decisions of choosing the right yacht and equipping it properly. He also provides the reader with many valuable tips to make the trip easier. Most of this information was acquired by personal experience and cannot be found in cruising guides or other sources generally available to those wishing to travel down the Intracoastal Waterway and across the Gulf Stream to cruise to the Bahamas for the entire winter. Before you know it you will be navigating your way to a beautiful island paradise. All of the author's secrets and knowledge will make this journey one that you will always remember, and most likely do several times. This book gives you all the tools you need to plan your journey. Follow the guidelines it provides and you will be more than prepared to...Chance the Tide.

From Publishers Weekly: In the latest adventure of likable Lyle "Tiller" Galloway, Poyer ( Hatteras Blue ) combines an obvious love of the sea with an equally obvious distaste for the drug-runners who use it, and produces an action-packed, fast-paced novel. On parole after serving five years for cocaine smuggling, Galloway is trying to put his life back together. He and Shad Aydlett are co-owners of Blitz Brothers, a debt-ridden recreational diving/salvage outfit operating out of Hatteras, N.C. Galloway refuses when ex-boss Juan "the Baptist" Nunez suggests that he return to his former line of work, but quickly recants after his boat and business are destroyed. He and Aydlett agree to a 400-foot dive to recover 50 tons of cocaine believed lying off the coast of the Bahamas. But they soon come to realize that nothing is as it seems and no one is to be trusted--perhaps not even each other. Poyer builds suspense expertly, with plenty of twists and turns. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Book Description: Chet Reneson and Ed Gray have been exploring the Bahamas, both separately and together, for 30 years. Each of them has gone there for complementary visions and neither has ever gone there without a fly rod. Both link a common passion for fly fishing on the Bahamian flats with an affinity for the islands and their inhabitants in a visual and written celebration.

"Bimini: Tales of an Island Getaway": Book Description: David Warner first arrived on Bimini in his youth. Captivated by the island's quirky natives and their relaxed culture, Warner has been returning frequently ever since. Rather than write a travel guide, in his new book Warner recreates the excitement and danger of the Bimini he has come to know for the traveler who prefers the safety of the armchair.
Warner introduces us to the eclectic personalities that people the island - the fishermen and smugglers, the Hemingway scholars and the Hemingway compatriots, the lawless and the lovelorn - and recounts the adventures they lived.
With his intimate knowledge of the island and its inhabitants, Warner, Bimini's adopted son, takes the reader on a trip to the Bahamas not available through any tour.

"Once Upon a Time: Stories from the Bahamas" (CASSETTE) From AudioFile: Once Upon a Time contains original material which is told, rather than read, by Derek Burrows. Children may not be interested in this recording, but as a resource, storytellers will love it. L.S. (c)AudioFile, Portland, Maine
Book Description: Derek's gifts as a folklorist, musician, and storyteller shine on this tape of songs, riddles, and stories. Some of the stories he collected during his adult life, and some he grew up hearing as a young boy in Nassau. Rich with African and European influence, this collection features several tales about B'Rabby, "the Trickster," and B'Boukee, "the Fool." An extra treat is Derek's telling of several riddles?all in the lilting rhythm of his native Bahamian dialect.

"Homeward Bound: A History of the Bahama Islands to 1850 With a Definitive Study of Abaco in the American Loyalist Plantation Period" (Paperback) by Sandra Riley, Thelma Peters

"Abaco: The History of an Out Island and its Cays": Book Description: This expanded and updated second edition has completely new sections on Lucayan Indians, Wilson City, and contemporary Abaco, and many revisions. This is the only general, comprehensive history of Abaco, Bahamas available; it covers from the geologic formation of the Bahama Banks to the middle 1990s. Cover painting by Phil Capen,; illustrations by Laurie Jones. 112 illustrations, photographs, and maps. Appendix on boat building in Abaco.

Book Description "Bahamas Out Island Odyssey" is a collection of travel stories by the author, her husband and 3 young children. As they travel through the islands, she provides several humorous, but educational stories about all the hotels, beaches, and special hideaways they discover along the way. She provides maps, and special highlights for hotels, restaurants and small island town life for such places as Long Island, Great Exuma, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Harbour Island, Elbow Cay, Great Abaco, Great Guana Cay and Green Turtle Cay.
About the Author: Nan Jeffery has firmly established herself as a leading authority on family adventure travel. Her message to traveling families is "You can do it. "You’ll enjoy her travel insight, entertaining writing style and her undeniable celebration of life.

Martin Hintz, the author, is nothing short of prolfic; he has written guide from such diverse topis as the Italian part of Milwaukee to the hills of Croatia.

"Bahamian seashells: A thousand species from Abaco, Bahamas" (Unknown Binding) by Colin Redfern

"Flowers of the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and Bermuda" (Paperback) by G. W Lennox

Book Description: A wealth of information for anyone interested in tropical lobster. The only reference that brings together the hundred of scientific studies on the Caribbean spiny lobster, including Moe's previously unpublished aquaculture research. The information is valuable for the marine science student and professional aquarist, yet is presented in a format that the recreational diver, commercial fisherman, or marine hobbyist can understand and appreciate. An interesting, entertaining, and scientifically, accurate account of the recreational and commercial fisheries, natural history, evolution, biology, morphology, taxonomy, and the captive culture of the Caribbean lobster, Panulirus argus.
About the Author: Martin Moe is a professional marine biologist and commercial marine fish breeder. He is the author of several books and is internationaly know for his contributions to the marine aquarium hobby.

"The birds of the Bahamas: New Providence and the Bahama Islands" (Unknown Binding) by P. G. C Brudenell-Bruce

Reviewer: Patricia Beardsley (Nassau Bahamas) "The People Who Discovered Columbus" is a well-researched account of those first peoples who actually discovered The Bahamas, where they came from, how they lived and why they came. Keegan paints a vivid picture of the Bahama Island chain in those years prior to the arrival of the first human inhabitants, describing the lush, untouched landscape like a tropical Eden into which comes man, probably migrating from the south of the Bahamian archipelago. His theory about the motivation for this migration still holds true for tourists today: The Bahamas is just too attractive a location to pass up. This book is also a treasure for anyone interested in Caribbean archaeology. Although, since the book's publication, many more aboriginal sites have been discovered, this book lists, island by island, the number and types of sites that provide evidence of intense Lucayan habitation. From open air sites to caves, Keegan leads the reader through The Bahamas, walking in the footsteps of those ancient people. Reading this book, you begin to question, as Keegan does, whether Columbus' motivation for his 1492 voyage was to actually get to the Indies or the much more personal goal of territorial conquest. This book is a must read if you want to really experience the Bahama Islands of those centuries long before Columbus. I would recommend it unreservedly as a well written, well documented book that, in spite of its scholarly value, is quite easy and enjoyable to read. It certainly puts to shame the theory that Columbus could have discovered a whole nation of people - complete with customs, traditions and history - who were never lost in the first place!

"The Royal Governor.....and the Duchess: The Duke and Duchess of Windsor in the Bahamas 1940-1945" (Paperback)
Book Description: At the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, the British government, alarmed at the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s association with the Nazis and the possibility that they would remove themselves to the United States to preach their pacifist (and slightly pro-German) credo, decided that a job had to be found for the ex-King Edward VIII. and his wife, the American, Wallis Simpson. He was appointed Governor of The Bahamas, one of the smallest and least important possessions of the British Empire, far away from the scene of battle. Away from their sybaritic living in the south of France, the couple struggled unhappily with the very different lifestyle of minor colonial life. This story is of their successes and their failures during their last official service to The British—and of the only Royal Governor to have served in British colonial history. Owen Platt’s recounting of their escapades in wartime Bahamas is a fascinating insight into a little known aspect of British history.

"The birds of the Bahamas: New Providence and the Bahama Islands" (Unknown Binding) by P. G. C Brudenell-Bruce

Book Description: Featuring even more coverage of the remote "Out Islands," this updated and expanded edition of Hidden Bahamas continues to focus on the little-known areas. Widely considered the leading guidebook for outdoor adventuring, it features new information on ecotourism, sea kayaking, wild dolphin swims, horseback bush trips, and environmental groups that sponsor field workshops.

"Collectible Shells of Southeastern U.S., Bahamas and Caribbean" (Paperback) by R. Tucker Abbott

                    "Islands of the Bahamas in Full Color" (Hardcover) by Hans W., Hannau                                

"Divers and Snorkelers Guide to the Fishes and Sea Life of the Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas, and Bermuda" (Hardcover) by F. Joseph Stokes

Reviewer: Sandra Riley (Miami, Florida, USA) - See all my reviews Peter Barratt's Bahama Saga: The Epic Story of the Bahama Islands lives up to its title. The epic is a sensuous sweep of Bahamian history, a vivid result of his love affair with the Islands. From the first chapter, when humans set foot in the Americas, to the last chapter, when the flag of Independence lifts into the Bahamian sky, Barratt's epic is richly textured with historical detail and human motivation. "Saga" is a wonderful cross-genre, a blurring of distinctions between genres as with opera and straight play. Barratt's cast of fictional personalities plays against the backdrop of exciting episodes in Bahamian history complete with their choruses of fated Lucayans, lustful Spaniards, adventurous Bermudians, bold pirates, enslaved Africans, exiled Loyalists, thirsty rum-runners, sun-worshipping tourists.

"Coral Reefs of the Caribbean, The Bahamas and Florida" (Paperback) by Alfonso Silva Lee, Roger E. Dooley

Book Description: Besides loving the sport of Scuba diving, the authors Daniel and Denise Berg have a genuine interest in the history of shipwrecks. They have travelled extensively in search of great wreck diving adventures and spent countless hours researching each site in order to compile this text.Tropical Shipwrecks conatins a wealth if information such as; aquatic life, currents, bottom composition, depth, visability and the history and present condition of 135 shipwrecks spread over 35 tropical islands. This text includes 127 illustrations comprised of color photos, Black and white historical images, maps, and drawings which combined with an informative text paint a complete picture of each wreck site. Many of these rare photos have never before been published. Divers, snokelers, marine historians, armchair sailore or anyone with a general interset in history, diving or the sea will surely find this book fascinating and the perfact addition to their library.

Reviewer: Incredible true life adventure. Full of a lot of interesting history and insight about the bahamas out islands. His adventure of transforming his life of recluse as a school teacher who lived with his parents until he retired, into a legend in the Abacos is incredible and awe inspiring. An execellent read for anyone that has ever dreamed of transforming their life and escaping to paradise. Highly recommend the book, especially if you are thinking of visiting Abaco... I recommend taking a trip to the Abacos and finding your own new addition. It won't cost you any less, but it will be worth a lot more.
Reviewer:Randy Smith (Pineville, La United States) I borrowed this book from a friend in New Orleans. I was a little dubious about it from the '60's cover art. The very first chapter cast a net over me! I stayed up for hours to finish the story and have read and re-read the book. I have to return the book so I'm going to buy the newest print. "De Doctah" did something so many people haven't the courage to do by "going island" and then putting it in print. If you are an armchair adventurer, this book may make you get up out of the chair! This book is a WOW! I'll even say it backwards "WOW"!

"Drama in Bahamas: 'the story of Muhammed Ali's last and greatest fight'" (Unknown Binding) by James Cornelius

                     "The Bahamas in Full Color" (Hardcover) by Hans Hannau                                               

"The Bahamas: A Taste of the Islands" [DOWNLOAD: MICROSOFT READER]
by Permenter, Bigley
Download Description: The food and local ingredients that make Bahamas cuisine unique, plus detailed reviews of all the island restaurants, food festivals and culinary contests. Includes recipes from the local chefs plus sources for ingredients, in case you want to prepare the island dishes at home.

"Bahamas Investment and Business Guide (World Investment and Business Guide Library)" [DOWNLOAD: PDF]
by Igor Oleynik
Book Description: Ultimate guide for conducting investment, export-import activity in the country. Strategic and business info, contacts, regulations and more. Updated annually

Reviewer: Matherson (Rhinebeck) (TOP 1000 REVIEWER) Craton's "History of the Bahamas" is a nice, compact little history of an important country in its own right, as well as being one of America's closest neighbors. He begins with the world of the planters and settlers - a nice, small-knit world of plutocrats - and tells of the Bahamas' evolution into what it is today - a small but relatively prosperous tourist and service-driven nation. There are nice little stories about the local pirates, some weird and arcane stories about the various political factions that have existed through the years, and, of course, due mention of the Duke of Windsor's stint as Governor (during which a still-fascinating murder case arose).

"A Little Bahamian Cookbook" (International Little Cookbooks) (Hardcover) by Rosamund Lambert, Sue Bennett-Williams

"Birds of the Southern Bahamas" (Paperback) by Donald W. Buden                                                                   

      "Yachtsmans Guide to the Bahamas" (Paperback)                                                                  

         "Bahamas Divers Guide" (Hardcover) by Shlomo Cohen                                                              

From Publishers Weekly: Science journalist and novelist Ruzic ( Where the Winds Sleep ) draws on events from his own life to create a hefty adventure thriller about the `` fin de siecle Narco-Wars'' replete with natural, physical and emotional disasters. Biophysicist Grant North establishes an ``Island for Science'' in the Bahamas in order to develop a seaweed-shrimp farm, desalination projects and pharmaceuticals. He encounters government opposition to his obtaining necessary permits after the Bahamian Defense Force destroys one of his boats and slaughters its entire crew: unbeknownst to North, the crew was smuggling cocaine--and his teenage daughter may even have been on board. The prime minister, his daughter, his deputy, the president of the Bahamian senate and several of North's closest friends become fatally embroiled in bribery and modern-day piracy. Ruzic's encyclopedic knowledge of science, engineering and technology, combined with his interests in the moon, chess and scuba diving, sometimes overwhelms the reader. On the whole, however, he provides a solid read that closes with a heart-stopping assault on the PM's mansion during a gutsy and ingenious revenge plot, devised even as North suffers from dengue fever. 25,000 first printing; author tour.

Jamie Rabb, Senior V.P. Warner Books
"...the pages prove that Harmyk has a clear knack for quick pacing and tense moments that readers expect from thrillers..."
Kate Miciak, Executive Editor, Random House
"...Harmyk has made wonderful use of history and atmosphere in A Wind Through Paradise..."

Editorial Reviews
Download Description
Detailed coverage of all the islands, plus the Grand Turks. The best dive site and fishing holes, how to get around, from island to island, numerous hotel and restaurant finds. The most compplete guide. Maps.

"A unicorn in the Bahamas", (Unknown Binding) by Rosita Forbes
Rosita Forbes, a well-known writer, lived for a few years, on "Unicorn Cay", near Governors Harbour, Eleuhtera, which may be related to the title of this book. She also wrote of travels in the middle east, as a solitary woman. For those interested in Rosita, a few more of her books, which really don't concern the Bahamas, follow.

Book Description 1921. With 54 illustrations from photographs by the author and a map. Forbes, an Englishwoman, made history when, in 1935, traveling alone and using every conceivable means of transportation, she made it from Peshawar to Samarkand and beyond in Afghan. In this volume she relates the fascinating account of her remarkable journey to Kufra, made in the company of Ahmed Hassanein Bey, disguised as a bedouin woman. She was the second European to ever reach Kufra.-

About the Author:
Rosita Forbes was justly famous for her travels in various perilous portions of the world. During the 1920s she rode a camel across the Libyan deserts in search of a lost city, ventured to dozens of other forbidden places, and wrote a long list of bestsellers.

Book Description: Afghanistan had been invaded many times. Alexander the Great had marched his Greeks through her mountains. Genghis Khan and his hordes had cantered through her streets. More recently the mighty British Raj had flown warplanes over the isolated hermit kingdom. Yet none of these military men ever disarmed the Afghans as effortlessly as Rosita Forbes. She started in Peshawar, that charming, mostly lawless city that sits like a pigeon's egg at the base of the nearby Khyber Pass. Forbes of course had to venture into the city's old bazaars, investigating rumours of 'the secrets of Peshawar that all men know'. In 1935 the intrepid traveller hired a driver and car, threw her bags in the back, pulled on her gloves, set her stylish hat firmly in place, and set off for Kabul, Mazar-I-Sharif, and ultimately faraway Samarkand.
This was one of the most delightful journeys of the adventure-filled 1930s, for nothing escaped Forbes' observant eye. She spoke to nomads, dined with royalty, and uncovered enough stories to fill two books.
This delightful book is still fresh, still charming, just like its beautiful adventuress of an author.

"The Bahamas murder case" (Unknown Binding) by Zenith Jones Brown
This author has written a string of books about murder, cannot say whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

"They live by the wind;: The lore and romance of the last sailing workboats: the Grand Banks schooners, the square-rigged training ships, the Chesapeake oysterboats, the fishing sloops of the Bahamas" (Unknown Binding) by Wendell P Bradley

"For love of mercy: Missioned in Maine and Andros Island, Bahamas 1883-1983" (Unknown Binding) by Mary Raymond Higgins

Book Description Pink sands, blue holes, coral reefs and brilliant marine life - Ulysses reveals the natural beauty of this string of islands, from world-class snorkeling and scuba diving to reeling in prize catches, marveling at pink flamingoes, swimming with dolphins, sailing turquoise seas, or simply enjoying a lazy day on a deserted beach. With excursions on land and by sea, Ulysses leads you around colonial Nassau, out to the picturesque Loyalist Cays of the Abacos, along the Columbus Trail on San Salvador and past the high-stakes gambling tables and duty-free shops of Grand Bahama, and then shows you where to join the fun come Junkanoo time or regatta season. This guide also contains detailed descriptions of all the sights, star-rated to help you quickly spot the must-sees, a wide range of suggestions for accommodations and restaurants to suit all budgets. It includes a geographical, historical and cultural portrait to better understand Bahamians and the fascinating diversity of each of the islands as well as 30 maps and city plans to make island hopping through the Out Islands and getting off the tourist track a breeze.

"The story of the Bahamas" (Unknown Binding) by Paul Albury
Excellent introduction, June 8, 2003
Reviewer:Dennis J. Cowles (New Orleans) Dr. Albury's book is very good--a terrific introduction to the history of the Bahamas.

                    "Fishes of the Caribbean Reefs, the Bahamas and Bermuda" (Unknown Binding) by Ian F Took                              

Trees of the Caribbean (Caribbean Pocket Natural History Series) (Paperback) by S.A. Seddon, G.W. Lennox, S. A. Seddon, G. W. Lennox

"200 conspicuous, unusual, or economically important tropical plants of the Caribbean" (Paperback)
Fabulous reference book, July 4, 2000
Reviewer: I have been planting two gardens,one at home and one at my son's school and I haven't been able to find any reference books as good as this one. It has helped immensely to determine the type of plant, where to plant it, history of the plant, colors, size, bushiness, and the origin of the plant. I wish I had had it when I started the landscaping and was very excited to find it to help me out with the rest of my work. by John Merriam Kingsbury

"Climbing Clouds: Stories and Poems from the Bahamas" (Paperback) by Telcine Turner

      "The Bahamas: A Family of Islands" (Caribbean Guides) (Paperback) by Gail Saunders      

"A Bad Day in the Bahamas" (Paperback) by Alan Cullimore; no, it is not about Bahamas Air, but is a crime thriller.

Atlas of Medicinal Plants of Middle America: Bahamas to Yucatan (Hardcover) by Julia Frances Morton
available from $385.88; at this price, I hope some of the plants have tranquilizing properties.

Book Description: In the only scholarly treatment of Bahamian socioeconomic history in the post-emancipation years, Howard Johnson begins by examining the last phase of slavery as one element in the foundation of later, and often more exploitative, labor systems. Looking at both urban and rural slave populations, Johnson discusses the systems of slave hire, apprenticeship, and indenture and highlights the ways in which the people of the Bahamas often exerted more autonomy and power as slaves than as a "free" people. Following emancipation in 1838, an export economy based on cotton, salt, sponges, and pineapples spawned coercive credit and truck systems, which bolstered the dominance of a white mercantile elite that would exercise control until the early 1960s. Various government policies further perpetuated a "machinery of class slavery," making migration (primarily to Key West and, later, to Miami) one of the few escape routes available to the lower classes. Throughout, Johnson relates historical developments in the Bahamas to those in neighboring Caribbean islands, Latin America, and the United States, making this an important sourcebook for all Caribbeanists. It will also be of interest to scholars of the historiography of slavery in the Americas and the transition from slavery to freedom or--in a post-emancipation system of domination like that of the Bahamas--from slavery to servitude.

"Bahama Snow" (Paperback) by Hank Manley
Doubt that this snow has anything to do with weather; looks like a dime store thriller. Hey, what the heck is the difference between a nickel-store thriller and dime store. They ought to update it to 5 dollar thriller store.

"Bahama Payback" (Hardcover) by Hank Manley
Just published in 2005, might consider waiting for the paperback, unless you are somehow related to Hank, or are his agent.

"Upon these rocks;: Catholics in the Bahamas" (Unknown Binding) The Catholic church has taken a beating lately, and we all hope this book does not concern an outing in the Bahamas with some priests and kids.

Book Description
Basic business legislation, laws, export-import regulations affecting business, business climate and contacts in the Bahamas

"Salt in the Bahamas"; Software:
Book Description The world salt market is growing at 1% a year and is forecast to be worth US$6.9 billion by 2005. The main application of salt is as a chemical feedstock, although foodstuffs are also a major consumer. The largest producers of salt are the USA, China and Germany, while Japan is the leading importer. The largest salt consuming region is Asia, accounting for 30% of world consumption. Demand for salt is growing fastest in South Africa, which has seen an almost 7% increase over the last year. This report reviews the salt market in 188 countries from 1998, with forecasts forward to 2005. Salt in this report is defined as pure sodium chloride and common salt (including table salt and denatured salt), whether or not in aqueous solution or containing added anti-caking or free-flowing agents.

From Library Journal: Growing up in Philadelphia, Jenkins inherited a love of stories as her parents reminisced about their childhood in the Bahamas. As an adult, this independent scholar visited the islands on behalf of the Bahamian Ministry of Education and collected oral histories, presented here, that embrace all aspects of traditional life. The harvesting of sponges, the practice of "bush" medicine, and the craft of platting with straw are described in many vivid vernacular styles. In her foreword, Gail Saunders (coauthor of Univ. of Georgia Press's two-volume Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People) places the collection in a useful historical context. Recommended for comprehensive collections in oral history or Caribbean studies.

Book Description" "Enterprising Slaves & Master Pirates" is an interdisciplinary account of economic life in the Bahamas. The Bahamas' economic story is an interesting tale, full of vibrant color-a story of short-lived booms followed by protracted busts, where discussions of economic success force us to mention fanciful figures such as the pirates Blackbeard and Calico Jack, and where accounts of economic woe, such as the collapse of the cotton market, are punctuated by descriptions of the clamor of Sunday markets or the unique practice of self-hire. Since the almost simultaneous settling of the Bahamas by pirates and Puritan farmers in the 17th century, two ideal typical entrepreneurs have dominated the region's economic life: the enterprising slave (encouraging Bahamian businessmen to work hard, to be creative and to be productive) and the master pirate (demonstrating how success is more easily attained through cunning and deception). In addition to Caribbean Studies scholars, this book will appeal to students of culture interested in economic development, and economists interested in how culture impacts development efforts.

From Publishers Weekly: This slight but entertaining collection of interrelated short stories by a banker turned writer paints a dispiriting but convincing picture of life on Pigeon Cay, a minor Bahamian island corrupted by expatriate money, drug-running money, immigrant-smuggling money and the money of sun-, sex- and sensation-seeking tourists. The picture is painted by David Rennison, a 40-year-old Canadian looking back on a two-year stint in charge of a newly established offshore branch bank. Looking to escape a failed marriage and the Montreal head office, Rennison (who is also an amateur naturalist) begins to keep notes on the flora and fauna of the island. Soon his notes turn into a journal; meanwhile, Rennison becomes entangled in the lives of the locals. In these stories, he introduces us to a colorful collection of characters, including Healey, womanizer and fellow banker; Mrs. Arbuthnot, a ditzy cellist with a creepy son; Tommas, a published and respected poet off-island who is nothing but a "black workman and bartender" to the longtime white residents; and tourists who taunt the locals by exposing too much flesh on the beach. Most of the stories take the form of mysteries, solved by Rennison using his banking or naturalist knowledge. The tales are thin on characterization; in particular, Annie Clare, the narrator's local lover, remains a shadowy figure. Their ingenuity is enhanced, however, by echoes of the writings of well-known expatriate authors (e.g., Greene, Maugham, Orwell); by convincing details of banking law and procedure; and by vivid descriptions of lush, poisonous island vegetation that mirror the corruption at the heart of the once-beautiful island. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

                               "Bahamian lore" (Bahamas series)                              
by Robert Arthur Curry; by Gordon Press; book about the various stories and myths of the major islands of the Bahamas including New Providence and Grand Bahama

Book Description: Observing dolphins underwater, on a regular basis, is a rare opportunity in the scientific world. Since 1985 a resident community of Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella frontalis) have been observed and studied underwater in the Bahamas by researchers at the Wild Dolphin Project. Over 220 individual spotted dolphins have been identified and followed through the years. This has allowed extensive tracking of calving patterns, changes in spot patterns, and long-term relationships of this community. Underwater recordings of simultaneous sound and behavior has also illuminated basic communication signals used during feeding, courtship, aggression, and many other behavioral activities. Intended for whale and dolphin enthusiasts, students, and researchers, this book describes 18 years of underwater observations and research with wild wild dolphins in the Bahamas.
1-Synthesizes 18 years of Atlantic spotted dolphin research in the Bahamas.
2-Describes the process of photo identification underwater and follows the development of these individuals in the society since 1985.
3-Contains basic life history, behavior, and communication signal use, including color photoraphs of behavior and sound spectrograms.
4-Dr. Herzing is the foremost authority on Atlantic spotted dolphin behavior in the wild.

Poetry That Cultivates, July 26, 2005
Reviewer: Sonia S Brown (Nassau, Bahamas)
s Echoes from the Isles of the Bahamas truly lives up to its name. Anyone who has spent time on the islands can relate to it vicariously. The vivid descriptions of the natural resources, island life, island food and people are so real. You can literally relive your own experiences through the pictures Ms. Fowler paints. Her poems of every day life speak of the good times to the darkest hours. But consistent is the hope and faith that is maintained throughout this book. This was the first Poetry Book I've ever read, the concept of reading poetry never crossed my mind and never enticed me. I was ushered into reading this book, and now I am grateful. This book has converted me, it has made me a believer.

About the Author: Created by up-and-coming artist Brady Smith, a 29-year-old native of Houston, Texas, who has a penchant for adventure, The Brady Chronicles are sketchbooks that document Smith’s personal travel experiences: working on a Montana cattle ranch, diving with sharks in the Bahamas, running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and much more! Smith currently lives in Los Angeles, where he paints and surfs.
ook Description "Shark-Diving in the Aftermath of Floyd" is the third installment of a 12-part series of illustrated travel journals called The Brady Chronicles. In the third episode, Brady Smith fulfills his long-held dream of diving with sharks — no cage, thank you very much. But are the toothy beasts as pleased to see Brady as he is to see them?

A must for Caribbean holidays, July 9, 2001
Reviewer:RPS (Chicago, IL United States)
A wonderful book for those who wish to engage in the game of collecting shells - beautifully illustrated and written. While the book is written at an adult level, an engaging card game is included to amuse and educate young shell collectors. Mactaggart is clearly passionate about shell collecting and her enthusiasm comes through loud and clear. The author's discussion of the ethics of shell collecting is especially apropos. Thou shalt not kill a living animal for its shell, nor support such behaviour in others. Her simple philosophy and respect for the islands shines through the pages of this book, for readers young and old.

"Urban Bahamian Creole: System And Variation" (Varieties of English Around the World General Series) (Hardcover) by Stephanie Hackert

Invaluable reference for a trip to the Bahamas, May 16, 2001
Reviewer:"threeboysmama" (Chepachet, RI USA)
DO NOT go to the Bahamas without this book if you are an ornithophile! It covers not only Grand Bahama and New Providence, but virtually all of the inhabited Out Islands. Each chapter offers various suggestions for birding trips and covers all reported hot spots and species. This is NOT a field guide, however, you will also want to take along the Bond/Peterson guide to birds of the West Indies, and I recommend a North American field guide as well, though you could get along without that if you take good notes (some species will not show up in either of the other two books).

An invaluable Caribbean travel guide for avid divers, September 19, 2003
Reviewer:Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
Informatively written by veteran diver and journalist Bob Burgess, Diving Off The Beaten Track is an engaging travelogue showcasing superb diving locations in the Bahamas, the Caymans, Belize, and Bay Islands. Full-color photographs wonderfully enhanced Burgess' engaging narration making Diving Off The Beaten Track superbly fascinating reading for armchair travelers as well as an invaluable Caribbean travel planning guide for avid divers.

Captivating, hard to put down., March 12, 2000
Reviewer: Once you start this novel, you will find it difficult to put down. The author keeps you on the edge throughout. You can't help rooting for "Kathleen" and "Sarge" as they debark on a dangerous mission. The Book is set in the Florida keys and the Bahamas, and the writing is such that you feel like you are right there along side. I read the entire book in one sitting and then went back and reread it again. I can't wait for the remaining two books in the trilogy!

Description: A LATER CLASSIC FROM AMERICA'S PREMIER FICTION WRITER - First published in 1970, nine years after Hemingway's death, this is the story of an artist and adventurer - a man much like Hemingway himself. Beginning in the 1930s, Islands in the Stream follows the fortunes of Thomas Hudson, from his experiences as a painter on the Gulf Stream island of Bimini through his antisubmarine activities off the coast of Cuba during World War II. Hemingway is at his mature best in this beguiling tale.--This text refers to the Digital edition.

We are acting on faith to include this book here, since there is no review written; judging by the title, it is a beach book; otherwise it might be a book about the rise of a shoe magnate.

"Bahamas Business Intelligence Report" (Paperback) by International Business Publications USA

Book Description This ground-breaking book investigates and interprets Bahamian literature from its inception in 1724. The book uses textual analysis, a socio-historical approach, and the application of archetypes to literary criticism, in order to demonstrate the view that the Bahamian Black was the historical agent of change for the region's culture. The work is divided into two main sections: The first assesses Bahamian literary production from 1724 to 1953 when the Progressive Liberal Party was formed to fight for the rights of blacks and mulattos; the second analyzes Bahamian Literature from 1953 to 1992, the year in which the quincentennial of the encounter of Columbus and the indigenous people of the New World was celebrated. Dahl's critical analysis in "Literature of the Bahamas 1724-1992" is a pioneer work that will spark interest in the Bahamian reading public and first-year College students. Especially useful to readers will be the short chapter introductions in Bahamian dialect and the preface which adopts the tone and linguistic strategies of the storyteller.

Book Description Michael Toogood has opened a new door onto these islands and his breathtaking photography gives a vivid insight into the places and the lives of the people who live there. There are some fascinating archive shots taken by his father, the late Stanley Toogood, who during his fifty-year career as a commercial photographer in The Bahamas, catalogued the growth of the modern Bahamas until his death in 1987. This photographic tour of The Bahamas includes an introductory text by Bahamian journalist and writer Larry Smith, who is also the head of Bahamas Media, the premier publishing company in the Bahamas

Anthropological perspectives on Eleuthera Island (Island environmental studies: the Bahamas report 1973-74) (Unknown Binding) by Garry Thomas

"Bahama cook and Drink book" (Unknown Binding) by Lowell Grant
"Mama sure can cook, shore nuf, whip me up some monkey hips and rice right smartly!" s

"The Bahamas: Island by Island", including Exuma, Eleuthera, Andros, San Salvador, Long Island, Grand Bahama, Abacos, and others (Unknown Binding) by Alison Grandfield

"Bush Medicine in the Bahamas" (Unknown Binding) by Leslie Higgs
No, this book does not refer to the President and his family, although it would be good reading to see what makes this bundle of baloney tick.

An outstanding compilation of Bahamian & Caribbean Cuisine!, June 6, 2003 Reviewer: Carmen (South Florida, USA) - See all my reviews As an American descendant of Bahamian immigrants, I've always been fascinated by my family's tales of delicious island dishes. Many of those dishes were duplicated here in South Florida when my great-grandparents immigrated to the States, but many others remained a mystery to me. Imagine, then, my delight at finding Lady Igrid Darling's wonderful compilation of Bahamian and Caribbean cuisine. It's a great mix of the sophisticated and the every-day. As I read the recipes to them, my mom, aunts and cousins sat around reminiscing and sharing stories about the various mouth-watering dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables contained therein. This delightful cookbook brought back memories for my family, and will now build memories for me. At their insistence, I've now purchased three additional copies for my mom, sister and others to share. I'm thrilled with my purchase and will use this cookbook for many years to come, both learning about and sharing my culinary heritage with today's generation of Allen descendants.

Book Description: This investment guide contains basic information on economy, business, export-import and investment climate, opportunities, regulations. Provides strategic information on economy, industrial development, banking, and government. Includes information on the most important business contacts and business travel. Updated annually.

Book Description This yearbook contains information on investment business opportunities, international economic projects, tenders, government projects, marketing and export-import opportunities information.

"Fishes of the Bahamas and adjacent Tropical Waters, (Unknown Binding) by James E Böhlke
Included in this book, is a section on Mafia designed barrel gardens as an alternative to sinking ships to build artificial reefs.

Stephen P Has Been There and Done It, October 25, 2001
Reviewer: Stephen Crow (Punta Gorda, FL USA) I have cruised the Bahamas aboard all kinds of small boats for over 30 years, and I wouldn't go without Stephen P's books. There have been many Bahamas cruising guides written but many fall far short of the complete story. Stephen P. has spent many years in the Bahamas. His guide info is virtually faultless. His charts are the best and amazingly accurate. This is not always the case with other guides. His stories and "local knowlege" is historic. He spends countless hundreds of hours on sight to obtain the information needed to produce a really good guide. He is an active ham radio operator so you can talk to him anytime and discuss his works. I guess it's obvious that I love the Guide

"Blood on the Empire: Bahamian Murder Mystery" (Paperback) by George Major
George is a native of Bahamas, living in Tarpum Bay, where he runs a Pizzeria/Internet CAfe; grab one of George's pizza's and sit back and read this book

Book Description •The only comprehensive guide to sharks of the tropical western Atlantic in a single volume • Expert tips on encounters with sharks • Full colour photographs and drawings of each species

"Bahamian Loyalists and their Slaves"
Reflection on history and society, May 26, 2004
Reviewer: Very informative book regarding social culture of the past. Puts society into a time perspective

"The Bahamas today: An introduction to the human and economic geography of the Bahamas" (Unknown Binding) by Neil E Sealey

Book Description: This book takes readers inside the mysterious world of Loggerhead sea turtles as they hatch in their nest and head out toward the open sea. One little sea turtle goes the wrong way and is rescued by a young boy, who learns about the dangers and adventures encountered by sea turtles everywhere. Sea Turtles Hatching is bound to delight and educate readers of all ages!
About the Author: Sea Turtles Hatching is the sixteenth book by author and illustrator Katherine Orr. A marine biologist and former research associate at the Marine Biological Laboratory located in Woods Hole, MA, Kathy also lived in the Florida Keys for several years, where she was an active member of Save-A-Turtle, helping to conserve sea turtles and spread enlightenment about their plight. Kathy now lives on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, where she continues to write, paint, and teach.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Buccaneers, Privateers & Freebooters 1493-1720 (Hardcover) by Cruz Apestegui
Made into a Hollywood Movie starring Johny Depp the pirate, and Richard Simmons as his valet.

"Caribbean Pirates" (Paperback) by Warren Alleyne
General tales of the roguish behavior of the major pirates in the Caribbean Sea, and surronding areas. Don't gloat over your victims, said Blackbeard.

Blackbeard, pirate and legend., September 28, 2003
Reviewer: Dennis Phillips (Bulls Gap, Tennessee USA)
Over the years Edward Teach, more commonly known as Blackbeard, has become more legend than man. A process that I think would have pleased Teach very much for he was as much a showman as a pirate. That is a part of his character that is richly brought out in this book. Unfortunately, there is really little for Mr. Lee to work with since real hard evidence of Teach's activities is scarce. Pirates after all were criminals and weren't exactly known for keeping records of their thefts.
Overall, the reader will get a fairly good feeling for Blackbeard and his times. Be warned however, parts of this book will bore you to tears. Instead of the politics and genealogy, a good chapter on the treasure hunters who have sought Blackbeard's probably non-existent buried loot would have been nice.

Very good general overview of pirates, June 16, 2003
Reviewer: Craig M. Sauvigne (Rock Hill, SC USA)
s This is a good book for those interested in learning a little about several different pirates. There is not a lot of detailed info but it is a good book to have to figure out which pirates you would like to read more about. It gives some of the major incidents in the lives of the pirates. If you are looking for detailing information on a specific pirate, this is not your book. But for those just starting to take an interest, I recommend it.

A Great Resource, January 3, 2004
Reviewer: T. Hooper "thdizzy" (Kyoto, Japan)
The scope of this book is very wide. It covers the history of piracy from the ancient world until the modern age. The bulk of the material, however, covers the golden age of piracy in the Carribean Sea and the Indian Ocean. The format of the book is very large with full color pictures on every page. Basically it's a coffee table book. The color pictures definitely stir the imagination. Fan of pirate lore and fans of the recent movie "Pirates of the Carribean" will be pleased to read this.
My only complaint is that the text is a little light. Even famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Captain Morgan only get two pages each. I realize that some text space had to be sacrificed for all the color pictures, but I was hoping for a little more information. If you're interested in pictures or if you aren't such a heavy reader, this will be a great book for you. If you would like something a little meatier, perhaps another book is for you. I do think this is an excellent source for pictures of pirates though

A useful introduction, April 4, 2000
Reviewer: Daniel M. Albert (Falmouth, MA USA)
This collected volume is a useful introduction to the topic. I have used it to prepare lectures on the subject for college students in the context of a broad course on maritime peoples. It is not terribly in depth, however, and most readers will want to move on to heavier works like _The Lesser Antilles in the Age of European Expansion_.

Sherry's Review, April 1, 2003
Reviewer: "sherry682" (Atlanta, GA)
(Well, alright, this is not about the Bahamas in particular, but about one of the great resources that the Bahamas possesses; beaches)
This is a wonderful gift book full of wisdom and humor. I actually read it while at the beach and it was fabulous. Great inspiration and insight. The writing is superb, the photography beautiful and the layout is wonderful. Would make a great gift or a pocket full of inspiration!! I'm going to use it as stocking stuffers for Christmas this year!!! I'm so glad that you at Amazon.com are carrying this book!! Keep 'em coming!!

Island Lives : Historical Archaeologies of the Caribbean (Paperback) by Paul Farnsworth (Editor) No Reviews written, and no comments by Publisher's Weekly.

"The Lucayans" (Hardcover) by Sandra Riley, Alton Lowe<
No reviews, or articles by the Publishters Weekly; Sandra Riley also wrote books about the famous female pirate, Anee Bonney (see below)

A Great Read - Guaranteed!!, October 23, 2004
Reviewer: John R. Linnell (New Gloucester, ME United States)
There is magic in James Nelson's imagination. In this instance, he has taken the outline of a true story concerning the last days of piracy and brought it to life in a most entertaining and emminently readable novel. I used to think that C.S. Forrester was the best at making the days of sail come alive. Having been a professional square-rig sailor, Nelson and his talent for story telling are at least on a par with Forrester and that is rarified company. The story of Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Calico Jack starts very near the end. They have been captured and are about to be put on trial as pirates. The story then goes back to trace the ladies lives to the point where they end up on the deck of the Pretty Anne captained by Calico Jack Rackam and then moves forward through time to reach their imprisonment and trial. It is a lusty tale, full of life, bawdy, bloody and lived to the full. If you have read no other Nelson tales, this is a great one to start with. I am sure it will whet your appetite for his other books. The man is a master story teller and we are the beneficiaries.

Book Description
This is the first full-length ethnography of a unique community within the African diaspora. Rosalyn Howard traces the history of the isolated "Red Bays" community of the Bahamas, from their escape from the plantations of the American South through their utilization of social memory in the construction of new identity and community. Some of the many African slaves escaping from southern plantations traveled to Florida and joined the Seminole Indians, intermarried, and came to call themselves Black Seminoles. In 1821, pursued and harassed by European Americans through the First Seminole War, approximately 200 members of this group fled to Andros Island, where they remained essentially isolated for nearly 150 years. Drawing on archival and secondary sources in the United States and the Bahamas as well as interviews with members of the present-day Black Seminole community on Andros Island, Howard reconstructs the story of the Red Bays people. She chronicles their struggles as they adapt to a new environment and forge a new identity in this insular community and analyzes the former slaves' relationship with their Native American companions.
Black Seminoles in contemporary Red Bays number approximately 290, the majority of whom are descended directly from the original settlers. As part of her research, Howard lived for a year in this small community, recording its oral history and analyzing the ways in which that history informed the evolving identity of the people. Her treatment dispels the air of mystery surrounding the Black Seminoles of Andros and provides a foundation for further anthropological and historical investigations.--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Book Description
Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People Volume 2 examines the social developments of the Bahamas from 1834 to the present. An eminent product of the New Social History, the volume recounts adjustments to emancipation made by former masters and former slaves between 1834 and 1900, traces the process of modernization between 1900 and 1973, and concludes with a candid study of social change since 1973, current problems, and an analysis of what makes the Bahamas and Bahamians distinctive in the world. The authors skillfully interweave broad historical narrative with details drawn from travelers' accounts, autobiographies, private letters, and reconstructed official dispatches and newspaper reports. Lavishly illustrated with contemporary photographs and original maps, this book is a model for national histories

Journal of Interdisciplinary History vol. 30, no. 2, Autumn 1999 Few have contributed so much as Craton to the resurgence and expansion of historical interest in the British West Indies during the last forty years. He has produced six important books.... [and] a significant number of articles and essays on many aspects of early West Indian history, and this volume contains twenty of them. Drawn from a wide variety of sources, some now difficult to access.... Providing a useful historical and critical introduction to each essay, Craton organizes them into three larger thematic sections: colonization and imperialism; the slave trade, slavery, and slave society; and transformations and continuities.No short summary can do justice to the richness and scope of this collection. Not all of Craton's conclusions and assumptions will gain universal assent.... Nevertheless, the volume is a welcome addition to the historiography of the slave societies of the British West Indies. Handsomely produced

Where the Cays Are, September 10, 2004
Reviewer: Matherson (Rhinebeck)
Craton's "History of the Bahamas" is a nice, compact little history of an important country in its own right, as well as being one of America's closest neighbors. He begins with the world of the planters and settlers - a nice, small-knit world of plutocrats - and tells of the Bahamas' evolution into what it is today - a small but relatively prosperous tourist and service-driven nation. There are nice little stories about the local pirates, some weird and arcane stories about the various political factions that have existed through the years, and, of course, due mention of the Duke of Windsor's stint as Governor (during which a still-fascinating murder case arose).

           "Bahamian Society After Emancipation" (Paperback) by Gail Saunders             No reviews. or notes from the Publishter's Weekly, or editorsd

Book Description
Set in the Bahamas in the 1920s, Out From Nassau provides the reader with both the inside moments and the larger story - the details known only to those who were there at the time when Prohibition was the law in the US and much of its illegal booze was being smuggled in from the Bahamas. The story focuses on the lives of people living in Nassau and the Out Islands of the Exumas, particularly the McKenzie family. Fact and fiction are thus woven into an engaging, provocative novel. But there is more to this novel than meets the eye, as it clearly describes the lives of the Bahamian women who were, and remain, the caretakers and backbone of the culture.

"Sampling Many Pots: An Archaeology Of Memory And Tradition At A Bahamian Plantation" (Hardcover) by Laurie A. Wilkie, Paul Farnsworth

Paul Farnsworth wrote much about Caribbean archeology; however, there are no reviews, or write-ups from Publishers Weekley

"The Land Of The Pink Pearl", March 31, 2000
Reviewer: Jack Mizell (St. Petersburg, Fl.)
This is a very interesting book and a must read for anyone going to the Bahamas or wanting to learn more about life in the late 1800s Bahamas. Mr. Powles takes the reader along on his travels in the islands and gives good discriptions of life of the common people and ther living conditions.

Book Description
The must have travel guide for vacationing on Grand Bahama Island. Packed with over fifty pages of photographs and tons of vaction information. Including independent info on Grand Bahama Hotels, Grand Bahama accommodations, Grand Bahama beaches, Grand Bahama restaurants, Grand Bahama nightlife, Grand Bahama adventure services, Grand Bahama scuba diving, Grand Bahama snorkeling, Grand Bahama dolphin adventures, Grand Bahama island navagation, Grand Bahama transportation and much more.

Book Description: Covering the Abaco chain of islands from Walkers Cay to Little Harbour, featuring full page aerial photographs of each anchorage. Accompanying text describes marinas and resorts, services available, restaurants, shopping and points of interest for each island. This book is designed to be used in conjunction with cruising guides to the Abaco's.

Hume Cronyn - Actor, Writer
"THIS SWEET PLACE is also a sweet read. It's a true, contemporary adventure story with which we can all identify; filled with love, anxiety, suspense and - best of all - with a poignant but happy ending."
Book Description:
This book is for all those who ever dreamed of leaving a hectic life for a semi-tropical island paradise. The author and her husband learn that a retirement to voluntary simplicity on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma - without television, telephones or shopping malls - creates a lifestyle that brings its own sense of adventure and style.
Rubbing shoulders with an unusual mix of islanders, tourists, winter residents, VIPs, yachtsmen, and modern-day buccaneers, these intrepid New Yorkers learn to survive boredom, loneliness, homesickness, and the retirement blues. Written in anecdotal style, and illustrated with engaging sketches, THIS SWEET PLACE follows the author's struggles with simple chores like shopping, cooking, socializing, and home building as she learns that the islands have their own special rhythm to be observed - a tempo directed by climate rather than time. We come to know the real Exumians - descendents of slaves and slave owners, formidable sailors and devout farmers - and to appreciate their often difficult lives in what many consider a paradise on earth. This is a witty and warm-hearted account that will appeal to retirees, escapists, and those planning for retirement. Anyone who has lived a life of hard work and long hours can use this book as a life preserver or a guidebook to paradise.

"I Could Talk Old-Story Good: Creativity in Bahamian Folklore" (University of California Publications) (Hardcover) by Daniel Crowley
Life in the Caribbean, June 22, 2005
Reviewer: Kurt L. Anderson "Kurt Baby" (Naples, FL)
The Bahamas and the Caribbean are a special passion for me so it comes as no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Having lived on an island before I can tell you that Dave Gales' accounts of island life are without question. Elbow Cay and the rest Abaco are some of the best Bahamas has to offer along with the other so called Out Islands. If you have ever wondered what it was or would be like to live on an island make this a part of your library.

Ready About: Voyages of Life in the Abaco Cays (Paperback) by Dave Gale; there are no reviews or write ups by Publishers Weekley

Island Captain: The Autobiography of Mail Boat Captain Ernest Dean of Sandy Point, Abaco, Bahamas (Paperback) by Ernest Dean, Gary Woodcock s

The Fledgling: A Bahamian Boyhood (Paperback) by Chester Thompson (Foreword), Jim Marsh (Illustrator)
Eileen Dupuch Carron, Editor and Publisher of The Tribune, Nassau
"A mix of Robinson Crusoe and Huck Finn, The Fledgling, by Chester Thompson, is a charming story of ... Hope Town before the age of electricity, the aeroplane, the telephone and modern medicine. It is a story beautifully and sensitively told of the first fourteen years ... of one boy's happy secure life among a hardy people with few earthly goods,... [and it] is filled with island wit."

I Wanted Wings: The Autobiography of Leonard M. Thompson (Paperback); No reviews or Publisher's Weekly write-ups, but Mr. Thompson was a well known Bahamian pilot.

Sidney Poitier wrote The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography because he "felt called to write about certain values, such as integrity and commitment, faith and forgiveness, about the virtues of simplicity, about the difference between 'amusing ourselves to death' and finding meaningful pleasures--even joy." Yet Poitier's book does not speak from on high; its tone is conversational and endearingly self-critical. He begins the first chapter by recounting an evening spent channel-surfing and wondering, as most of us do at one time or another, "What am I doing with my time?" The spiritual reflections in The Measure of a Man are nonsectarian; Poitier's faith is clearly influenced by his experience in Christian churches, but he is not, strictly, Christian. Though idiosyncratic, his faith is disciplined and rigorous, informed by leaders as diverse as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Poitier's love--for himself, his family, and the world--infuses his recollections of his early life on Cat Island in the Bahamas and his memories of his stage and film career (including his Oscar-winning role in Lilies of the Field). Poitier has been rich and poor; he has been popular and despised; and his extremely varied experiences have made him a wise man, as he demonstrates with statements like this one: "[W]hat we do is stay within the context of what's practical, what's real, what dreams can be fashioned into reality, what values can send us to bed comfortably and make us courageous enough to face our end with character."

Artist on his island: A study in self-reliance (Unknown Binding) by Randolph Wardell Johnston
Artist on his island, March 21, 2002
Reviewer: Olga C. Nettles (Powder Springs, Georgia United States)
I think that this was a wonderful book-knowing that it was true, and having visited the island where the johnstons lived, and seeing the foundry, was an exceptional experience. I met Randolph Johnston and his family, and watched as he created a statue for my husbands family. I would highly recommend this book.

Bahamian art, 1492-1992 (Unknown Binding) by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas
No reviews, or write-up, but Patricia's name in prominent in the Bahamas writing scene, and has written a book on the local Bahamas dialect, "Talking Bahamian".

Bahamian sailing craft: Notes, sketches, and observations on a vanishing breed of workboats (Unknown Binding) by Jr. Johnson
Abacos, especially, is known for their handcrafted sailing vessels. No review, or write-ups.

Bahamas in Black and White (Paperback) by Basil Smith; no reviews or write-ups from amazon, com, or Publishers Weekly, one of the many ways that books are reviewed.

Part photo essay, part design survey, Caribbean Style offers cover-to-cover color photos (more than 600 in all) of the landscapes, facades, and interiors of the alluring Antilles, a region "at once showy and down-to-earth." Visit the regal plantation manors, the elegant town houses, the nicely appointed vacation homes, the proudly painted homes of the populace, and the omnipresent gardens of nine beautiful Caribbean islands. The very notion of a unified Caribbean style would seem to be impossible in this realm of separate island worlds, yet the diversity is rooted in a common Creole heritage, resulting in a fascinating vernacular architecture that tells the story of life--both past and present--in the West Indies. --Amy Handy

From Library Journal Connors, a West Indian decorative arts scholar, presents a comprehensive guide to the development of West Indian furniture and its makers during the colonial era. Detailing the historical and sociological influences at play, he shows how each island's furniture began by reflecting the styles of the various ruling countries (England, Holland, Spain, Denmark, or France) and later evolved into a uniquely Caribbean style as the islands' furniture makers, who were primarily African slaves, began to develop their skills and incorporate African decorative motifs into their designs. Use of the islands' hardwoods, such as mahogany, and the prevalence of items best suited to the climate, such as caned rockers, four-poster beds, and armoires, further defined the style. Numerous color photographs show the furniture in historic buildings. Connors's book is highly recommended for academic, professional, and large interior design collections

Book Description: Better known for its land and sea, the Caribbean is also home to a wealth of historic buildings. As a region colonized by Spanish French British and Dutch settlers, its architecture reflects an unparalleled variety of colonial influences. Its buildings are also testimony to a history of slavery and constant immigration, revealing the legacy of African, Asian and North American techniques. The wealth of the island's sugar plantations has left behind a tradition of 'great houses,' while inter-European conflict can still be traced to many well-preserved forts and naval bases. Spanish cathedrals and convents, Dutch gabled ware-houses, English country houses and French ironwork market buildings: all these have survived the perils of earthquakes and hurricanes. Featuring over one thousand architectural sites across the region, this comprehensive guide describes churches, plantation houses, fortresses and ordinary homes. With a useful glossary of architectural terms and advice on what to look out for, it covers notable and interesting building in every island from the Bahamas down to Trinidad. Illustrated with color plates and line drawings, Architectural Heritage of the Caribbean also traces the historical and economic developments which have created the region's unique Creole styles. As governments and conservation societies look to the increasing potential of 'heritage tourism,' this wide-ranging book provides an invaluable guide for visitors and students of architecture.

Book Description: The Caribbean was Europe's first colony, its landscapes transformed to produce tropical staples and its decimated aboriginal populace replaced with African slaves. As European power has waned in the Caribbean, it has been replaced by the geopolitical domination of the United States. Professor Richardson examines this colonization and recolonization of the Caribbean during the past half millennium, portraying a region victimized by natural hazards, soil erosion, overpopulation and gunboat diplomacy. Most importantly, he explains the ways in which Caribbean peoples have reacted and adapted to their external influences. No other single survey of the region provides equivalent breadth--ranging from aboriginal ecologies to today's narcotic traffic--or harnesses so effectively elements of the past to illuminate the present.

Bahamian Landscapes: An introduction to the Geography of the Bahamas (Paperback); by Neil, E Sealey, Neil E. Sealey; there are no reviews, or no write-ups done by Amazon, or Publishters Weekly

Native Trees of the Bahamas (Paperback) by Jack Patterson ; there are no reviews, or even good stuff said by friends of the authors including Publishers Weekly

Sets a high standard for plant reference books, February 28, 2003 Reviewer: I agree with the previous reviewer completely. The text is well-written with useful blend of information about propagation and habitat along with more traditional plant reference fare. Pictures are crisp and clear. This is exactly the book I was seeking.

Review "Why lug your tattered one-pound Guide to the Birds of North America when you'll only be in Knoxville during an overnight stopover between flights? Still, that's time enough to identify the hooded warbler with its distinctive black bonnet, the blue grosbeak and the all-red summer tanager with your handy Pocket Naturalist's Guide to Tennessee Birds. This (guide) and others slip nicely into your purse or breast pocket, supplementing the more complete birding guides." --Editor's Pick, Body & Soul Magazine "Pocket Naturalist Guides are to nature-loving backpackers what CliffsNotes are to teens trying to navigate Shakespeare: essential. Lightweight and water- and dirt- (resistant), each 22-by-81/2-inch guide folds down to slip easily into a water bottle pocket and sells for $5.95. Color illustrations and short descriptions help you quickly identify birds, flowers, trees, and a variety of other creatures. The ultra-frugal backpacker can use the general guides, such as "Pond Life", "Animal Tracks", and "Weather" throughout North America, while the more inquisitive can purchase regional, state, and park guides." --Backpacker Magazine December

Caribbean Wild Plants & their Uses: An Illustrated Guide to some Medicinal and Wild Ornamental Plants of the West Indies (Paperback) by Penelope N. Honychurch

Growing Orchids in the Caribbean (Pocket Natural History Series) (Paperback) by Marilyn H. S. Light; self-explanatory; no reviews or write ups, by Publisher Monthly

Of Basic Importance to Gardening in a Tropical Climate., August 11, 2001
Reviewer: Jacqueline W. Mills (Kingshill, VI USA)
(REAL NAME) This book deserves five stars because it is the only gardening book extant that covers issues and concerns important and specific to Caribbean gardening. Had Mrs. Bannochie lived to see her book published, it is quite probable that it would have been far more comprehensive. Chapter Two is invaluable for providing information on how to propagate specific climate appropriate plants. Chapter Four continues in the same vein, providing a comprehensive listing of tried and true favorites and pointers on how to grow them. My only criticisms are that the photographs (plates) in the center of the book are not of better quality and larger, that the tables at the end of the book fail to evaluate soil type on all the islands, and that there are so few diagrams or illustrations generally. Of course these paltry concerns may be remedied in a future revision. It is apparent that the co-author, Marilyn Light, faced a significant challenge in completing the book, and she is to be complimented for remaining true to Bannochie's vision. Bannochie's writing style can be compared to having a conversation with an experienced, hands-on gardener while she strolls with you through her garden pointing out her favorite plants. Thus, I believe that one can actually sense which parts of the book were written by Marilyn Light after Bannochie's untimely death.

Book Description Since 1985 Island Expedition’s Dragan and Nicolas Popov have pioneered environmental and oceanographic education in the Bahamas and Caribbean. They have introduced environmental and cultural awareness to an international array of youth. These young adults from different countries, cultures and ethnic backgrounds are exposed to the tropical seas and their vast marine life. Students and teachers alike leave Island Expedition with a new found respect for and understanding of the natural world around them-not just the importance of preserving for its beauty but because our survival as a species demands this. Children of the Sea highlights the activities involved on these expeditions and explores the natural wonders and beauty of the Caribbean Sea depicted in the spectacular photography displayed.

Book Description The Bahamas Rediscovered introduces the Bahamas of today as a whole. The superb photographs record all things Bahamian: the natural beauty, the friendly people, the old traditions, the different lifestyles, the indigenous culture and the wildlife. Never before have all the islands in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas been recorded so comprehensively and sympathetically. About the Author The Popov brothers have spent 30 years in the Bahamas and their nonprofit organization and school at sea program ‘Island Expedition’ has worked closely with Bahamian organizations and people to broaden the knowledge of the Bahamas for Bahamians and visitors alike through its publications, films and presentations,

Book Description: Fully illustrated, easy to use, and completely up-to-date, Birds of the West Indies is the only field guide that covers all of the bird species known to occur in the region--including migrants and infrequently occurring forms. Each species is represented by a full description that includes identification field marks, status and range, habitat, and voice. A map showing the bird's distribution accompanies many species accounts, and plumages of all species are depicted in ninety-three beautifully rendered color plates. Bird lovers, vacationing tourists, local residents, and "armchair travelers" will all want to own this definitive field guide to the birds of the West Indies. Includes all species recorded in the region Features ninety-three color plates with concise text on facing pages for quick reference and easy identification Species accounts cover identification, voice, status and habitat, and range Color distribution maps

Butterflies and Other Insects of the Eastern Caribbean (Caribbean Pocket Natural History Series) (Paperback) by Peter D. Stiling; no reviews, but colorful cover!

Book Description
This book tells the life story of the most widely recognized seashell, the queen conch, accompanied by many color photos and detailed illustrations. The uses for, and fishery and farming of, this valuable natural resource are also discussed.
From the Publisher
The life story of the most widely recognized sea shell, the queen conch, is told accompanied by many color photos and highly informative illustrations. The use, fishery and farming of this valuable natural resource are also discussed.

Unbeatable algae identifier, December 28, 1998
Reviewer: M. Wickham (Rogers, AR USA)
This book is ideal for identifying marine algae. I use it to ID species that develop out of the live rock in my aquarium or that my dealer offers for sale. It also makes you drool over species you will never see.

Caribbean Travel and Life, Nov/Dec 1994
The perfect gift for your favorite ocean lover . . . the only guide you'll ever need to identify any creature in the Caribbean.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Scuba Times, April 1992
Science and art have produced another masterpiece in Paul Humann's Reef Creature Identification--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Excellent annotation of great guides!, July 9, 2004
Reviewer: J. Connor "film and book fanatic'." (Palm Desert, CA United States)
Snorkeling Guide to Marine Life is a very handy truncation of three heavy, bulky, but excellent references. There are extraordinary photographs of fish, creatures, and coral taken by noticeable experts. The fish species covered are stunning, and carefully chosen for quality. The others are also amazing and excilirating. A favorite fish species of mine, the Trumpetfish, is included here, shown in a beautiful photograph. Other interesting fish, such as puffers, cowfish, and triggerfish, are also listed. The "Creature Identification" section of the guide is as carefully picked out as the "Fish" ID part. Beautiful crabs, shrimps, and others are shown in nice photos. All make to combine a short, but very helpful field companion.

"The Bahamas is the bonefishing capital of the world--but with so many islands, lodges, and guides, how do you find the lodge that is right for you? The first step is to study Stephen and Kim Vletas' descriptions of the best operations the Bahamas have to offer."--Fly Fisherman magazine
Book Description
A comprehensive guide to fly fishing and adventure travel in the Bahamas--lodges, guides, services, tackle, diving, and more.

"This thick cruising guidebook... sets out to provide everything you need to know to successfully navigate the Exuma Cays, and it delivers... for the uninitiated, navigating the islands could be a bit daunting. The Exuma Guide pretty much takes care of that." --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Book Description
Loaded with carefully researched sketch charts and local knowledge, this guide is the most current and comprehensive cruising guide available to the maginificent Exuma Cays-and an excellent guide to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea park. Pavlidis, former deputy warden of the park, gudie you in and out of virtually every navigable harbor, cover, and anchorage, as well as around every major reef, head, sand bank, and obstacle throughout the Exuma island chain. Contains information on marine facilities, customs, navigational aids, tides and curents, GPS waypoints, flora and fauna, and much more.

Book Description
As vacationing Ben Candidi and Rebecca Levis sail through International Waters toward Grand Bahama Island, they receive a strange welcome—a sinking cabin cruiser with a dead man at the helm. Ben knows how to patch bullet holes below the waterline and Rebecca knows how to estimate time of death. And they agree that the West End marina is the right place to bring the body. To avoid trouble, they play it dumb and treat the cocaine-smuggling marina tenants as the divers and sport fishermen they are pretending to be. Unfortunately, the mailbox corporation in Miami that owns the yacht ignores Ben's $100,000 salvage claim—and the Bahamian police won't let him move the yacht to Florida. The harder Ben and Rebecca press their claim, the more sinister West End becomes. Should they cut their losses and run? Or is it too late already?

More than meets the eye, July 6, 2001
Reviewer: Musial (USA)
This is a great book to pick up if you're even thinking of going to the Bahamas. Great pictures, comprehensive dive site reviews PLUS the book is loaded with lots of extras that make it one of the best dive books I've seen. Pages of fishID info with color photos, dive medicine, travel tips -- all in a very attractive package.

An outstanding compilation of Bahamian & Caribbean Cuisine!, June 6, 2003
Reviewer: Carmen (South Florida, USA)
As an American descendant of Bahamian immigrants, I've always been fascinated by my family's tales of delicious island dishes. Many of those dishes were duplicated here in South Florida when my great-grandparents immigrated to the States, but many others remained a mystery to me. Imagine, then, my delight at finding Lady Igrid Darling's wonderful compilation of Bahamian and Caribbean cuisine. It's a great mix of the sophisticated and the every-day. As I read the recipes to them, my mom, aunts and cousins sat around reminiscing and sharing stories about the various mouth-watering dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables contained therein. This delightful cookbook brought back memories for my family, and will now build memories for me. At their insistence, I've now purchased three additional copies for my mom, sister and others to share. I'm thrilled with my purchase and will use this cookbook for many years to come, both learning about and sharing my culinary heritage with today's generation of Allen descendants.

Caribbean Travel & LifeMagazine, June 15,1996
"Some of the most authentic Bahamian recipes. Bahama Mama's Cooking is filled with spicy ethnic foods and flavors."
B. Cooper, Nassau Bahamas
"It is with great pleasure that I found [this book]. The variety of interesting recipes is truly a gastronomic delight."

Judy Gruen, author of Carpool Tunnel Syndrome and Till We Eat Again
"Faith Foyil has written a funny and wryly observant guide to life as a Bahama Mama." Linda Sharp, author of Stretchmarks on my Sanity
"...laughs that flow like tanning lotion left out in the sun all day."

Download Description
Detailed coverage of all the islands, plus the Grand Turks. The best dive site and fishing holes, how to get around, from island to island, numerous hotel and restaurant finds. The most compplete guide. Maps.

R. Tucker Abbott, Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum, Sanibel Island, Florida
FANTASTIC! Super-doopa! You have produced one of the most charming and interesting books on shells ever. I'm not kidding. You can tell by the frequent chuckles and occasional bursts of laughter over your wonderfully expressed thoughts.
Book Description
An Environmentally Friendly Shell Book and Game. There are not as many shells as there were five years ago. Not as many as ten years ago. Not nearly as many as twenty years ago. Why?? This unusual book contains a Flash Card Game with a Timer and Text that describes how to identify, collect, and learn about shells without killing the defenceless inhabitants of these Jewels from the Sea. No other shell book teaches us how to collect Perfect Specimens without the ecological cruelty favoured by so many scientists when they insist "Collect Live." Together with simple ideas for display, particularly aboard boats where space is limited, I include a Colour Catalogue identifying Shells common to the Bahamas and Florida.

"Letters from Deadman's Cay" (Paperback) by Nina Berkhout; no reviews yet, and not write-up by Publising Weekly, or Monthly

``. . .a valuable resoource for quick reference aboard any yacht.''
Ocean Navigator
"... a valuable resoource for quick reference aboard any yacht." See all Editorial Reviews

"Mariner's Atlas South Florida, the Keys & the Bahama Islands: The Dry Tortugas, Shark River and Okeechobee Waterway" (Paperback) by A. P. Balder: well, if you need it, you need it! All aboard! No, that's the damn train!

About the Author L. Terrence Pitteway PMS was born in 1947 the web-toed bastard son of the Earl of Wessex and a ewe named Henri. In his eweth he was a keen sailor and crossed the Atlantic single-handed in a claw-foot bathtub. Later that same year he used both hands and took first place in the pantagruelian Paris-to-Moscow bisexual race. In 1981 he tried to set foot on Plymouth Rock but found the diminutive sacred stone behind bars—which is probably where the author belongs. Undaunted Pitteway went on to survive the rigors of a rubber-gloved ‘Welcome to America Medical Examination’ and was awarded resident alien status. He has lived in New Hampshire, Massachusetts (not by choice), Maryland, Virginia and Florida where he was arrested for failing to wear enough gold chains to meet local bi-lawyers. The author has spent much of the last year reading every self-book in the Hope Town library and he has come to the conclusion that Americans smell better than the French. Pitteway, who is a scatological Scot resides on the Redneck Riviera where he writes in the finest tradition of plagiarism and conch-stained hangovers.

Book Description: Detailed information on conducting offshore business and investment activity in the country. Updated annually, available on a CD-ROM

Book Description:
The most comprehensive field guide available to the tropical fishes of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. All 417 photographs are in full color, capturing the natural beauty of the fishes on coral reefs and other habitats of tropical marine waters. The species photographs are keyed to full text descriptions of more than 400 species, each with its own range map. The text also includes brief coverage of nearly 800 additional species. Detailed endpaper maps, precise black-and-white drawings, and an illustrated family key supplement this authoritative and visually stunning resource.

The quest to record and preserve the last vestiges of a fast-disappearing musical culture is vividly rendered in this account of a summer on the Bahamian island of Andros. A budding music historian, Charters (The Roots of the Blues) had discovered a series of Alan Lomax's Library of Congress recordings of Andros folk songs from the late 1930s

The quest to record and preserve the last vestiges of a fast-disappearing musical culture is vividly rendered in this account of a summer on the Bahamian island of Andros. A budding music historian, Charters (The Roots of the Blues) had discovered a series of Alan Lomax's Library of Congress recordings of Andros folk songs from the late 1930s

The quest to record and preserve the last vestiges of a fast-disappearing musical culture is vividly rendered in this account of a summer on the Bahamian island of Andros. A budding music historian, Charters (The Roots of the Blues) had discovered a series of Alan Lomax's Library of Congress recordings of Andros folk songs from the late 1930s