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See Homer Winslows' paintings
of the Bahamas!!
Local Attractions in Eleuthera

Dr. Seabreeze

A local legend and treasure, the local troubador, "The "Doc" plays acoustic guitar and sings popular and local songs (listen to his Island in the Sun and Gin and Coconut Water). You can catch him performing at the following venues: Rainbow Inn Wednesday and Friday. Look for him to start playing at Joes, once the resort is up and running in November 2005. There is rampant speculation as to which medical school "The Doc" attended, but most people find that no written documentation is necessary, just play on, Doc.

See the lyrics for Doc's Big Bamboo, and Shame in the Family

Pick up one of Doc's Albums while you are in Eleuthera

Island Farm

Island Farm is the place to go for fresh fruits and produce. Go to the webpage

Rebecca's Beach Shop

Rebecca's Beach Shop is an unpretentious small shop, next to Pam's Island Gift Shop in the middle of Gregory Town. See their web page for further details

Island Made Gift Shop

Island Made Gift Shop is a gift shop in Gregory Town, next to on the island, with the largest array of souvenirs to bring home. Books, T-shirts, shells, etc. fill the friendly shop, located in the middle of Gregory Town, in mid-Eleuthera.

Hatchet Cave

Once a haunt of pirates and buccaneers (and it looks like one, too) Hatchet Cave is a towering, mile-long chamber rich in stalactites and stalagmites.

Preacher's Cave

Preacher's Cave, on the North end of the island, has both a natural and historical appeal. It was in this large, blue-shadowed cave that the Eleutheran Adventurers sought shelter after shipwrecking nearby. They had fled Bermuda in search of religious freedom, and it was in this cave that they held their first services in what would become their permanent home.

Windermere Island

The waters surrounding Windermere Island, prized for their jewel-like depth and clarity, are a favorite playground for the rich and famous. At one time, its visitors included Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The island is linked to Eleuthera by a five-mile bridge.

Harbour Island

Harbour Island, at the northeastern end of Eleuthera, is the site of the oldest settlement in the Bahamas, Dunmore Town. It was here that the founding residents, the Eleutheran Adventurers, established the hemisphere's first republic. The colonial-era atmosphere of the town is incredibly intact. Among its attractions are the Hill Steps, which the settlers hand-carved. To see a good map of Harbor Island, Click here. To see a great web site about Harbor Island, again, Click here

Gregory Town

Best-known for its great food and exotic tropical drinks like its famous pineapple punch, Gregory Town is also gaining recognition because of its rock star resident, the vocalist and guitar-wizard Lenny Kravitz. Also is the location of "Pam's Island Gift Shop", a store with the widest selection of native gift goods on the island, including local books, maps, T-shirts, dresses, etc.

Glass Window Bridge

Glass Window Bridge, originally the site of an extraordinary natural arch linking the Exuma Sound to the Atlantic, is one of the most impressive sights on Eleuthera. Unfortunately however, the natural formation was washed away in a hurricane in 1965, but the location itself is still immensely scenic. To watch the ragged, deep blue waves of the Atlantic crash and swarm across rocks toward the Sound is truly mesmerizing. Artist Winslow Homer painted this area in 1885, and called the painting "Glass Window". While man's relationship to nature always held a fascination for Homer, it was the awesome power of the sea that dominated his canvases. It was probably this fascination that attracted him to the "Glass Window", where the turbulent Atlantic, meets the serene Caribbean. Incidentally, to see Winslow Homer's beautiful paintings during his Bahamas period, click here

Queen’s Baths

Just south of the Glass Window, look for a row of sawed-off pine tree stumps on the Atlantic side (left side going south). Park in small pull off. Walk over rocks to cliffs. Peer down and see rock pools etched out by the wave action; a cave is behind them. You can go down there at low tide when the weather is calm and float around in the pools, which are filled with live shells and little fish. DO NOT EVEN TRY when the sea is rough. You could be washed away!!!! And people have been!!! See picture of the Queens Baths here.....

Spanish Wells

It from the fresh-water reserves of this island that Spanish sailors renewed their water supply after the long Atlantic crossing, among them the legendary explorer who sought the Fountain of Youth, Ponce de Leon. As the "Spanish Wells Song" tells the story...

Ponce De Leon tired of searchin'
For a way to stay young
Put Spanish Wells water on his tongue
It did not move his gray hairs
Or restore his wounded pride
But we know for sure
he lived until he died

As the song suggests, the inhabitants of Spanish Wells are intensely proud of their past, and the islanders are known for their seamanship and fishing ability.


MISSION PROJECT in Rock Sound, Eleuthera is am ambitious undertaking, under local direction, that will house a museum, computer center, and source for the education of the local youths in various fields. See the web site for details.


The Island School
This interesting school, associated with Lawrencevile Academy in New Jersye, takes students for semesters to orient them to the ecology of the Sea. Located in Cape Eleuthera, this unique school is one of the few places on the island that uses solar energy for part of the schools power needs.