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This website was created, constructed and maintained by John Bennett MD, of Miami, Florida, and aspires to be a quality, curated web source of information about medical problems, through the amazing resource of videos. There is no affiliation or sponsorship with any outside private interests. Furthermore, in no way does this website try to diagnose or treat. That is the domain of your private healthcare giver, but we hope to encourage a more-educated dialogue from the patient, with their caregiver.

We hope to have each area of specialty, curated by a specialist in that category of disease. Currently, videos are being vetted by me, except for the following:

1) Pieter Kubben MD for neurology and neurosurgery

2) Rafael Grossmann MD for surgery

3) Sumer Sehti MD for Radiology

You can see their bios on this page, and welcome any physician in other specialities, with an interest in patient education and videos, to notify us at

desertedbeach at hotmail dot com

And, if you have any questions, want to give feedback, or want to notify me of a high-quality medical video out there in the wide web, please notify me at the above address.

Have at it!

John Bennett MD

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