This website will feature Hangouts in Dermatology, headed by Larkin Hospital Chielf of Dermatology, Francis Kerken MD. It is now in beta, so stay-tuned!

Google Hangouts are a great platform to communicate. There are no boundaries, distance is irrelevant, and one is allowed the freedom to educate and connect across the world.

This website will try to connect Neurosurgeons of the world, to network, educate and communicate.


EPISODE 12: At 2 p.m, EST, "Sterotactic Surgery in Parkinsonism" with Carlos Llumiguano MD, Neurologist, Florida, USA<

EPISODE 11: At 2 p.m, EST, "Sterotactic Surgery in Parkinsonism" with Sean Orr MD, Neurologist, Florida, USA

Episode 10: Program "Skull Base Surgery of Meningiomas" with Moshe Attia MD Neurosurgeon " Moshe Attia MD, Neurosurgeon, Israel

Episode 9: Program: ""The Use of 3d Intraoperative Imaging in Cervical Spine Surgery" Duccio Boscherinia M.D., Neurosurgeon, Geneva Area, Switzerland

Episode 8: Program: "Neurosurgical Interventions in Parkinsonism", with A.Q. Rana MD, Neurologist, from Toronto, Canada

Episode 7: Hieder Al Shami, an Iraqi Neurosurgeon, now a Neurosurgical Resident in Egypt, gave a presention on "Anatomical Subjects" today

Episode 6: Program: Bernardo de Andrada MD, Neurosurgeon from Rio de Janeiro, talks about "Surgical Treatment of Cervical Cord Injuries"

Episode 5: Program "Carlos Llumiguano MD, Neurosurgeon from Ecuador, talks about "Neck Pain due to Metastatic Cancer from Lung"

Episode 4: Program "Reacts" for Remote Mentoring from the OR

Episode 3: Presentation by Russian Neurosurgeon on patient with Stroke, treated aggressively, surgically

Episode 2 George Mendes MD, Neurosurgeon from Brazil, doing Endovascular Fellowship in France; talks about Endovascular Surgery in Neurosurgery:

Episode 1 Introduction to Neurosurgical TV, with Julio Pereira MD