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In the Middle of Long Island, Bahamas

Deadmans Cay

Okay, we fell for it too. Now, you have a trivia question about the Bahamas, where you can stump your friends. "In the Bahamas, what Cay is NOT a Cay?" Well, the answer is "Deadmans Cay". Deadmans Cay is an inland city in the mid-portion of Long Island, Bahamas that has an airport, hotels, and bonefish guides. Above is a map of central Long Island, Bahamas which shows the location of both Deadmans Cay, and Deadmans Cay Airport, one of the three major airpors in Long Island. Most of the islanders live in Deadman's Cay, this is the main settlement and the largest town in Long Island. The morbid name, 'Deadman's Cay' is said to have come from when the dead were buried in a nearby cay just off shore from this town.

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Series of Caves in Deadman's Cay

Caves Bahamas

There are three main caves in the Deadman's Cay area:

Dunmore's Caves: has 2 tunnels. One tunnel leads to the ocean and had never been fully explored. You can view 2 old Indian drawings on the wall.

Deadman's Cay Cave: look for the native drawings on the cavern wall.

Cartwrights Cave: Just south of Deadman's Cay, the main settlement on Long Island, lies one of the most fascinating cave systems in the Caribbean. Full of stalactites, stalagmites and bats, the caverns were once used by the original settlers of the island, the Lucayan Indians. Careful examination of the walls will reveal carvings and writings left by the now extinct civilisation. It is also rumoured that pirates of the 17th century used the caves as a base and hiding place for their booty. Maybe you'll stumble upon a lost treasure chest!

World Renown Sponge Company in Deadmans Cay

Deadman's Cay Sponge Company: Sponge harvesting that is exported around the world. You can also find sponges on the beach around the island.

Long Island Library and Museum

Bonefishing Bahamas

Just south of Deadman's cay is Buckleys, location of the Long Island Library and Museum, which chronicles the islands history and culture.
tel/fax = 242-337-0500 Museum hours M-F 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm, Sun Closed.

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