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This website is dedicated to all about Cat Island, Bahamas. This beautiful island is not well known, and even a mystery to even native Bahamians. Many people know Freeport, Nassau, and Harbour Island and Eleuthera, but few have ventured to Cat Island, Bahamas. Explore this web site to see where Cat Island is, see some of the photos of various parts of the island, see how to arrive at Cat Island by plane, examine the real estate available, read about the interesting history, including the religion Obeah, find out how to contact businesses and people in Cat Island, and generally get a feel of this beautiful, unspoiled, and genuinely Bahamian island.

Cat Island is the sixth largest of the Bahamian islands, but it's visited so much less frequently that you'll feel like you're in an undiscovered paradise when you travel here. In addition to its quaint Caribbean appeal, gorgeous churches and ruins of 19th century homes and plantations speckle the countryside. You'll have several choices for vacation accommodations on Cat Island including hotels, inns, and even Bahamas timeshares. Sample resort living on Cat Island with RCI Points or try a luxurious oceanside villa rental to experience a destination unlike any other.

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