A full-size lot, close to Surfer's Beach, on the ocean is for sale. The lot has utilities of water and electricity, with a transformer on the lot. It is, potentially, the only lot with beach access to Surfer's Beach.

It is the closest lot on the ocean of the Eleuthera Island Shore's development, next to the Crown Land of Surfer's Beach.

All the land around Surfer's Beach is "Crown Land", which means it, essentially, belongs to the government, and cannot be sold. So for three miles south of this lot is all government land, and cannot be sold, or developed.

This is a full size lot, beachfront, and has the potential of building a stairway down to the beach, which would be an improvement of the rough path that currently goes down to the ocean. A carpenter has already looked at the project, and said it could be done, with, perhaps, putting a few landings on the way down, for spectacular viewing. This lot would be the only property to have ready access to Surfer's Beach, which is one of the finest beaches, not only in the Bahamas, but in the world. Here is an aerial view which gives a good idea of the proximity of Surfer's Beach

The following two photos are pictures looking south from the lot towards Surfer's Beach

The following photo is looking north from the lot

Following is a photo of the land just south of the lot, on Crown land. Seems like the South Pacific!

Here's a photo of the driveway that was carved out, into the property

For more photos of spectacular Surfer's Beach, go HERE

Here's the type of house that, in my opinion, would go well on this lot, and capture in real time the fantasic northern and southern views.


Asking Price: $195,000

For information,


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