The Bahamas has slang, like any other country. Most of the material presented here comes from an excellent book, More Talkin' Bahamian, by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas, Guanima Press 1995. If you have another term you can add to this list, please email me.

argie: to argue

back-back: to go in reverse in a car

big-eyed: greedy

biggety: anything bold, brassy, and boastful

big up: Pregnant

boom-boom: rear end, or ass

boonggy: rear end or ass; considered a national word

bound: constipated

bright: light complexion

bubby: breasts

buck up: to crash, as in car

calm head: smooth hair in a female

camolly: lump, or bruise

conch: large mollusk; considered to be an aphrodesiac; national food

conchy joe: watch out for Joe! An ethnic term referring to those of caucasian inclination (in other words, white)

"Yeah, your mother...."

confuddle up: to get confused

corporation: in some cases, a pot-belly

cowboy: to take an abbreviated bath, without getting in the bath.

cuckoo soup: soup into which certain bodily fluids are placed to "tame a man", especially one who is trying to win the heart of that man; said to have magical powers in winning the man in marriage

crabbie: vagina

cut hip: to give a beating

dead: used as an adjective to intenisfy anything ("dead" ugly)

doggie: penis

duff: boiled, fruit-filled dough; a national desert, much loved,with a rum flavored sauce

fast: describes someone who steals, or cannot mind their own business

general: form of address from man to man

gin up: to screw up, mismanage

gussy-mae: fat Bahamian girls, with large "bubbies" and "boonggy"

high: bad smell

hurt: to put a hex on

jack: friend

jam up: to crowd

jook: to stab

jumbey: spirit

leg short: arrived too late

long out: to pout

low fence: someone that is easy to take advantage of

muggage up: to beat up

outside: away from the marriage, as in outside children

picky head: short, thin hair pucketery: in a jam, or quandary

purge: to vent rage

quarm: to walk in an affected way

shuttail: without pants

sip sip: gossip

skylark: good natured horseplay

show sef: show off

spilligate: to go out on the town

spirit agree: to get along well with someone

stiff-toe gang; rigor mortis, or to die

sweetheart: affair

tarpree: low class, gullible; like "low fence"

terreckly: soon, from 'directly'

tote news: to gossip