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Home to Fish Fry and Heritage Village


Named after the original West Indian inhabitants of the islands It is a local hangout and cultural tourist attraction, a staple in Bahamian culture known as the Fish Fry. Here you can find Bahamian delicasies and one of a kind drinks offered 7 days a week. The site is just across from historic Fort Charlotte, The national zoo and botanical gardens. A must visit when in Nassau. Heritage Village in Arawak Cay, just west of Nassau, hosts several ethnic celebrations, including the Junkanoo in June Heritage Festival and the October Great Seafood and Heritage Festival. Both feature traditional food, drink, music, dancing and storytelling. Arawak Cay also has a Fish Fry every Friday night.

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Arawak Cay Fish Fry

Arawak Fish Fry

Delight in a regional delicacy at the locally known, "Fish Fry." Indigenous dishes include an eclectic mix of conch variations. From conch salad to a spicy, almost jerk-like, conch plate, the taste and the fanciful presentation will satisfy a host of your traveling partners' senses. Wash the entire lot down with New Providence's own Kalik beer and enjoy talking to local residents who are a constant fixture at this epicenter of local color.

A Fish Fry is a Bahamian version of a seafood festival, sort of a tasty Bahamian backyard experience. And, there is no better place on a Friday evening than to stroll through the colorful village at Arawak Cay, just west of downtown Nassau. The cay is the scene of the Fish Fry, a weekly get-together featuring plenty of down-home island cooking and local entertainment. It?s where the locals go on the weekends to eat fresh seafood just plucked from the waters offshore.

Here you can watch fresh catches being cooked up, along with other seafood specialties unique to the islands. This is the place to try conch prepared in a salad, as a burger or as fritters. It?s served best with Kalik, a local Bahamian beer, named after the sound created from the Junkanoo cowbells.

The village is rich with cultural goodies, like colorful exhibits of Bahamian crafts and varied samplings of tasty grilled conch, snapper and grilled fish combo. Local vendors also have plenty of snacks like crack conch and crack lobster, conch fritters and a local favorite, guava duff, a tasty bread-pudding dessert. Be sure to try the potato bread and freshly made salads. Prices vary, but you can plan on spending about $10 USD for an ample platter and beverage.

For those desiring to prepare this tasty cuisine in their own kitchens, professional chefs are on hand giving culinary demonstrations, including preparing local dishes in the old-style rock ovens. - Greg Johnston

Arawak Fish Fry

Arawak Fish Fry

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