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3D Printing Technology is occupying an increasingly important influence in many parts of medicine, from medical simulation, inexpensive prosthetic production, to customizing joint arthroplasty, and drug production; we will attempt to use Google Hangouts to spread the word from the people behind these changes in the 3D Printing in Medicine World

Here, below, is our first project: a Virtual Conference on "3D Printing in Medicine", in collaboration with, in January, 2016.

January 30, 2014: Jean Manuel Notias: 3d Printing in Dentistry
Virtual Conference Online Jan 2016 of "3D Printing in Medicine"
Feb 3rd, 2014:Implantable Medical Devices and Medical Instrumentation by Tecomat Inc
Feb, 20154: Berci Mesko: What we can 3d Print in Medicine

August, 2015: 3d Printing Medication
January 16th, 2014: Jean Manuel Notias: Introduction to 3d Printing